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  • MobileHR (pronounced "future") is the first and only, 100% mobile HR app built for the U.S. sub-100 market that puts the collection, maintenance and management of employee information and many of your day-to-day operations in the palm of your hand. Literally!

    Because with MobileHR, all you need is a phone!

    Simply download the MobileHR app from your online marketplace, add your employees, and you’re on your way. No salesman. No contracts. No per employee charges. No extensive training, configurations or onboarding. It’s easy, it’s secure, it’s only $25/month, and it’s exactly what a company your size needs to run efficiently and remain in compliance.

    Let MobileHR become your employee and company management tool... and have it accessible to you wherever you are.

    When it comes to managing HR, smaller and midsize companies have had few option. Do everything on paper and hope for the best. Overpay for a solution built for much larger companies. Use whatever your payroll provider offers even if you need more. NOW you have a simple, powerful, affordable HR option. It’s called MobileHR.

    We’re the first HR solution that was built for growing companies of 40 – 125 employees (but less or more is fine). We let you collect, maintain and manage employee data, benefits, work and project time, PTO, payroll administration and more on a single platform…all for a low, fixed monthly fee of $75 for your entire company. No per employee or per record charges. No setup costs, contracts, installations, support charges or training regimen. And, we’re the only HR solution that is 100% mobile so you can use MobileHR wherever you are (and your employees can enter information like time wherever they are).

    Simply download the MobileHR app from your online marketplace, register on our website, upload your employee data on our system (and we’re here to help whenever you need us), and you’re on your way. Exactly what you need to run efficiently and remain in compliance.

    MobileHR is right for today and will be the one HR tool that can grow with you into tomorrow.

  • What's So Great About MobileHR?





    Employee, Company & Position Data
    Automate and integrate the maintenance, storage, updating and tracking of employee, company and position data.
    Benefits Management
    Identify employees who are eligible for benefits, and track their plans and deductions for payroll.
    Time and Project Tracking
    Replace paper, process and spreadsheets with an electronic time-keeping system that lets you track time, clients, projects and billing while in the office or on the road.
    Vacation and Paid Time Off
    Enable time-off requests to be processed, approved and tracked without ever touching a piece of paper, all viewable on a built-in calendar.
    Payroll Administration/Integration
    Set up pay schedules and groups, and feed everything directly to your payroll department or provider, including: Salary, Deductions, Additional Comp, Hours Worked, Time Off, etc.
    Performance Management
    Assign employee performance ratings to develop workforce and ensure compliance with labor laws.
    Administrator, Manager and Employee Security
    Pre-set, role-based security access to information ensures that data is seen only by those you authorize.
    Create company charts, payroll registers, employee summaries, benefit statements; analyze employee data, time and project data, and more.

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    What Users Are Saying


    We hire a number of people on a project basis, so the ability to track time and allocate to the right businesses is critical. Considering that most of our contract employees work from outside our offices, we needed something mobile and powerful. MobileHR has fit the bill completely. And, I know that we’re not even using half of what it can do for us!
    William Bolt, Principal

    Presti & Naegele

    This is revolutionary. I have seen nothing like this before. It is extremely easy to use, with all functionalities considered. Thank you for filling a void in the marketplace.
    Joseph Romano, CPA

    Backfield in Motion

    Backfield in Motion was an early adopter of MobileHR. With the help of MobileHR Support, we went from operating on paper forms and spreadsheets to almost 50 people who now enter their time and task details online. In addition, MobileHR provides us with an electronic personnel directory to help us communicate better, as well as full and compliant HR information about our people and the ability to track time and attendance of our paid staff and volunteers. We’re even able to use our MobileHR data to audit payroll. More than that, as a not for profit organization, we totally appreciate the low monthly cost of MobileHR. I know that we got along before MobileHR, but I can’t begin to remember how.
    Micah Kimble, Executive Director

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