Whether your organization is growing or established, you need a smoothly functioning Human Resource (HR) team to keep your employees satisfied. At times though, the HR team could be burdened with a lot of activities, causing delays and inefficiency. To counter this, several Human Capital Management (HCM) software are available that automate the entire process of HR management. Choosing the right software for your organization could be, however, tricky, with so many options out there. To help in your decision, here is an ADP Run review, which is a popular HCM software, alongside the review of another promising HCM app, named MobileHR.


Let us begin with the features of the tools. Features are a great way to establish the fit when you purchase any new software because sometimes, what you see is not what you get and other times, you get too many redundant features that you do not need. Here are compared the core functionalities every HCM tool must offer.


ADP Run: Although Run was originally focused on payroll management only, now it is being powered by other resources from ADP and deals with all the core functions of HR as a solution. The entire tool is cloud-based, which means you could access all of the data anywhere, anytime either from a computer or a smartphone through a browser.

MobileHR: This 100% mobile app not only holds all the data in one place but also breaks it down into modules for easy access. Moreover, you could synchronize the data with other phone apps such as messaging, email, and camera, to get a holistic view whenever you want. The app amps it up further by providing reminders to you to update data manually if needed.

Payroll Administration

ADP Run: ADP Run prides on its payroll suite. It offers quick payroll management with editing options available completely online. Using Run, you could set up multiple modes of payment for your employees, whether it is direct deposit, checks, cards, or something else. Tax filing is taken care of the tool, too.

MobileHR: Payroll and tax administration is made easy with this flexible app. If your company has different groups of employees, such as full-time and contractors, the app lets you set different groups with varying payment frequencies. This is an excellent feature for a growing company. Further, third-party payroll vendors could also manage the data easily through secure access to this app.

Benefits Tracking

ADP Run: ADP has a separate insurance segment that provides workers’ benefits, retirement services, health insurance, and so on. These services could be integrated with the ADP Run Benefits feature to help you manage your employee benefits under a single, cloud-based solution.

MobileHR: Your HR team could keep track of all benefits-related data such as employee preferences, costs, third-party services, and so on, through a few taps on this mobile app. Employees could also manage their benefit enrollments on the move through this incredibly easy-to-use app on their respective smartphones.


ADP Run: When it comes to employee self-service, the offerings of ADP Run are quite basic. It does allow employees to download a mobile app on their smartphone for self-service, but tasks are limited to viewing payroll updates, benefits enrollments, and timesheets. There is no provision of manager self-service unless you purchase an additional ADP HCM tool.

MobileHR: With MobileHR, all of the employee and manager self-service options come at no additional cost. Employees could view their leaves, salaries, benefits, and so on using this completely mobile app. Managers have the view of the entire team and could update long vacations such as maternity leaves, retirements, new hires, and a lot more, all through their smartphones.

Time-Offs and Vacation Handling

ADP Run: Paid time-offs, sick leaves, and other vacations could be handled by the HR personnel and are included in the core HR functions of the tool. Employees could also manage their time-offs and request for leaves using the mobile app.

MobileHR: Vacation management is a breeze with advanced features of this app. It not only allows employees to request for leaves via their smartphones but also enables managers to approve these leaves on-the-go. Additionally, managers could synchronize the vacation calendar of the entire team with the calendar app on their phone, which makes it so much easier to view team availability without even getting into the app.

Performance Management

ADP Run: A strong performance management module is a requirement for any HCM tool. Unfortunately, there is no integrated performance management feature within the ADP Run suite. Organizations looking for performance management options may have to purchase the ADP Performance Management software separately.

MobileHR: MobileHR has a completely flexible performance management module built right into the app. All discussions between employees and managers regarding performance, including goals and metrics, are recorded automatically by this app. Employees could go back to the app at a later time to review the discussion points. Managers could also easily keep track of the entire team’s performance anytime through the mobile app.

Time and Project Management

ADP Run: Web-based or mobile timecards for employees are a boon when using this software. They could clock-in and clock-out from any location, even when working from home and the schedule and timesheets on the tool get automatically updated. The HR team could view these schedules anytime and access relevant reports from the tool.

MobileHR: This app takes time and project management to a whole new level. Not only could employees manage their timesheets on the app but managers could use the tool to assign projects and tasks by viewing available candidates on the tool. Further, they could generate reports based on the data and send over to the clients, project owners, or payroll departments, all through a few taps on the app.

Secure Access

ADP Run: Cloud-based tools must take their security seriously and ADP Run does well on that aspect. The software provides role-based or group-based access to certain data, reports, and features. The web portal access and the mobile app access both follow this security protocol.

MobileHR: Flexibility does not make this app weak in terms of security. The app provides role-based access, too, be it for HR personnel, employees, managers, or third-party vendors. The best part of the process is that an admin from your organization gets to decide which role gets access to what features. So, your company is under complete control of security.

Reporting and Searches

ADP Run: The tool enables your company’s HR team to generate ad-hoc as well as built-in regular reports from the data present in the system. It also allows synchronization with external performance management software and generates reports from data therein. Dashboards are available for graphical representation of key performance indicators to check the overall health of the company.

MobileHR: With MobileHR, you could not only generate reports from anywhere based on built-in or custom templates but also get the added advantage of using an inherent company org chart. This org chart allows you to send any report in real-time simply by tapping on the name of the person who would wish to see the report.


Features are a great way to compare tools but when you make a purchase decision, your budget becomes a main concern. You do not necessarily need the more expensive product and could probably benefit more from the software that gives more value-for-money. So, how do these two tools compare concerning pricing? Let us find out.

ADP Run: The software offers 4 different packages, namely Essential Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, Complete Payroll & HR Plus, and HR Pro Payroll & HR. The number of features increases as you proceed from Essential to Pro, but so does the price. Pricing is not mentioned online but according to a third-party website, the basic payroll software could cost around $160 a month for 10 employees and could increase by $20-$50 for the next package upgrade.

MobileHR: This app has a transparent flat rate of $75 per month regardless of the number of employees. Download the mobile app from the App Store and gain access to all of its features at this price.

Target Market

ADP Run serves a wide range of industries including retail stores, restaurants, consultancies, and many more. With Run, the company is more focused on small businesses with an employee count between 1 and 49.

MobileHR, on the other hand, is a completely scalable solution. Although it is best suited for small companies with the number of employees between 10 and 100, as your business grows, the app grows with you. You could continue to add more employees at no extra cost with this tool. It has sufficient infrastructure to support medium-sized, growing businesses as well.

User Reviews

Learn more about the ADP Run software from those who have tried it before you. Sometimes, this could help you make the best purchase decision. Here is a summary of the points on which ADP Run could improve, according to users.

1) High Price, Low Features: Some customers have complained that they are not getting their money’s worth from this software. The features are basic compared to the price they charge.

2) Reporting Bugs: Customers found it difficult to generate basic reports such as headcount.

3) Frequent Upgrades: Upgrades to the software happen more often than needed and are not smooth enough to be error-free.

4) Customer Service: Long hold times and lack of escalation opportunities were troublesome for some users.

The above challenges could be solved by MobileHR as it offers flat pricing for all of its features and assists with error-free computation of payroll as well as report generation.

Editorial Reviews

Now, let us take a look at what technical experts have to say about improvements needed in the ADP Run software. Here is a summary.

1) Pricing: Experts believe that the price is not right for the features available. The moment you want better features, you have to upgrade your plan.

2) Mobile App: Although they provide a mobile app, it is not included in the basic pricing and must be purchased separately.

3) Features: Advanced recruitment and learning management are not options even in the higher-priced packages.

MobileHR counters the above difficulties by providing a full-featured, 100% mobile app at no additional cost than its flat monthly pricing and there are no separate installation charges, either.

The Verdict

HR tasks have become more complicated than ever. Your organization needs a flexible and fully-automated HCM tool to ease the burden on your HR team. Although ADP Run is an easy-to-use software with great options for payroll management, it falls short on many other standard HCM features. MobileHR, on the other hand, looks more promising with its transparent pricing and scalability. Download and begin to simplify all HR processes through this completely mobile app.