In today’s fast-paced business world, manual handling of human resource (HR) tasks no longer has a place. For any business to be successful, efficiently managing the people running the show is of utmost importance. It is no surprise then that automated human capital management (HCM) tools have made their entry into the HR management scene in recent years and have been accepted quite positively. The difficulty, however, lies in choosing the HCM tool that is right for your business. After all, there are so many options out there. One such tool that has made a name for itself in the HR management domain is Workforce Now by ADP. The tool looks great at the onset but it is best to compare it with another leading app, namely, MobileHR, before making a purchase decision. Here is an ADP Workforce Now review alongside an evaluation of the new but sharp-looking MobileHR app. Read on to find more about how these two tools vie against each other based on their features, pricing, reviews, and target markets.


There is no question about the significance of the features of a tool or an app in influencing your purchase decision. Does the software provide all you need, or does it lack something? What is good and what could be better? Here are the two tools evaluated side-by-side based on the most common features customers look for in an HCM software.

All-In-One Tool

ADP Workforce Now: No more hassles around files and folders containing different types of employee data or manually entering spreadsheet after spreadsheet with tons of information from around the organization. ADP Workforce Now ensures that through its cloud-based system, you could manage all employee data from one platform. Having all the data in one place enables your HR team to work efficiently and maintain compliance.

MobileHR: Everything in one place is the motto of this app. It maintains all data starting from employee demographics to compensation, all under one mobile platform. It even extends this feature to remind you of any information you might have forgotten to enter, if the need arises, ensuring you are always compliant. It is not just that it provides all the data, but also breaks the information down to modules that you could easily access anytime you want. All the data could be integrated with emails, messaging apps, your phone’s camera, and more. True portability is its standout feature.

Payroll and Tax Administration

ADP Workforce Now: The software takes the guesswork out of the right compensation and tax formalities through its fully automated payroll suite. Being web-based, it could be edited in real-time as well. Tax calculations and filings are a breeze because the tool electronically files the taxes to help your company stay compliant. No more paperwork for you or your employees. Employees could log in to view their payroll dashboards through the web portal or a mobile app.

MobileHR: If yours is a complex organization, with both hourly as well as full-time employees, you need a tool that is more than automated. You need MobileHR, which is completely flexible. Add any number of groups and payment frequencies and have paychecks sent out at different times to different employees. Make ad-hoc changes to the payroll reports from anywhere with this 100% mobile app. It also allows you to seamlessly integrate the tool to third-party payroll software such as Quickbooks. Do you have a vendor handling your company’s payroll? No problem. All you need to do is provide them authorized access to the mobile app.

Benefits Tracking

ADP Workforce Now: An open enrollment process on the portal helps employees manage the benefits they are interested in. As an HR manager, your job then becomes easy as you could generate pre-defined analytical reports that allow you to understand employee requirements. Further, seamless integration with the payroll system helps you remain compliant while cutting down operational costs around benefits. It supports Annual IRS filing and COBRA notifications as well.

MobileHR: The process of tracking employee benefits becomes even simpler if you have a mobile app that automatically does the job for you. Keep track of all employee benefits through a single platform, adding and deleting benefits as and when necessary. Add third-party insurance companies to the app to get the process flowing smoothly. Manage costs, preferences, and remain compliant, all through just a few taps on your smartphone. What is more, employees could manage their benefits enrollment with a few taps on their phone, too.

Time and Project Management

ADP Workforce Now: The Workforce Management module of the tool helps managers and employees keep track of attendance. The Geo-location-based log in and log out is a standout feature and works great when your employees are spread around the globe. The timesheets could be seamlessly integrated with the payroll module so that it is easier for the HR team to identify overtimes, relevant remunerations, and so on. The automated scheduling feature integrates with the Microsoft Outlook calendar as well.

MobileHR: MobileHR amps up its time management feature to include project management as well. With this app, managers could easily assign tasks from new or existing projects to free hands and ensure a fair distribution of work. Employees could use the app to assign themselves to a project. The flexibility of the feature allows you to set up the time and project information in any format you want. At the end of the day, you could generate automated reports and have the app send them to clients, project owners, or the payroll staff. Access all of this while you travel to finalize a new business deal.


ADP Workforce Now: Employees could take care of changes in their profile through the employee self-service module, which is also available through a mobile app in addition to the Workforce portal. Employees could view and manage their timesheets, payroll information, direct deposits, tax information, and benefits enrollment. There is also a provision of manager self-service. Over and above this, the HR team could maintain and edit employee records using the HR Management feature.

MobileHR: The MobileHR app exercises a user-friendly approach to self-service. Not only is the employee self-service available at no extra cost, but secured authentications ensure managers and employees could access the information specific to their roles. Manager self-service is a boon from this app through which managers could maintain the records of their team members without going through the HR route every single time. To top it, MobileHR provides elaborate instructions and videos to support new hires who are just getting started with using the self-service feature.

Performance Tracking

ADP Workforce Now: The Talent Management module of ADP Workforce Now provides a structured approach to performance management. The portal allows cascaded goals and customized templates for employees and managers. Continuous or annual reviews are scheduled by the tool based on the performance appraisal cycle of your company. The software further helps generate analytical reports that could predict risks, trends, and strengths, based on the performance of a team of employees.

MobileHR: Every performance-related discussion between a manager and an employee is recorded in the app. All evaluations are completed electronically and stored for future reference. The guidelines and feedback are available for an employee to view anytime they want. All they need to do is open the mobile app and log in to their secure account. The appraisal process becomes less formal and more interactive when you have an app that automatically stores and sends performance evaluation data.

Handling Vacations and Time Offs

ADP Workforce Now: Managers have complete visibility into the vacations and time offs of the team through customizable dashboards. An employee’s availability could be automatically viewed through this dashboard, which makes planning for tasks a lot easier. On top of it, predictive algorithms are used by the tool to help managers understand the availability of employees in the future. Task distribution becomes a lot easier with such information.

MobileHR: This app triumphs over the other when it comes to vacation management. It is not just that the tool allows HR managers to handle vacations, time offs, maternity leaves, and retirements automatically, but it is also extremely user-friendly for employees and their managers. Employees could request for their leaves on the app, which the manager could approve on the app itself. If you are the manager and are always on the move, you do not need to visit the office to see an updated Microsoft Outlook calendar to check who is in. Simply integrate the app with your phone’s calendar and have your staffing information at the ready.

Secured System

ADP Workforce Now: ADP boasts of being compliant with data security and privacy laws and have their fraud prevention and incident management systems in place. At extra costs, they are willing to provide security updates and other client resources. They provide separate user accounts for every employee and different editing and viewing rights for HR managers and administrators.

MobileHR: The app is consistent when it comes to handling security requirements. Although it is a flexible tool, it has no room for compromise when it comes to authorization and secure access. With a completely role-based user access system, it ensures that sensitive data is always protected from unauthorized views. The best part is that you get to decide which employees could access what data. An administrator from the HR team can set up these rules and the entire company, including vendors who use the app, is good to go.

Reporting and Searches

ADP Workforce Now: Generating reports is a key HR activity that could take up a lot of time if not automated. With advanced analytics-based dashboards, Workforce Now makes this task easier and quicker. Whether it is a payroll report, a compliance report, a costs report, or a simple metrics generation, the dashboards could provide what you need. As an add-on, the tool could provide you with custom reports to suit your specific requirements.

MobileHR: Searching and reporting tasks are even simpler with quick built-in charts of this app. It gives you an option to build custom reports and graphs at no additional cost. Further, its in-built company org chart enables you to send any report to a specific person or a group simply by tapping on the relevant name, all from your mobile app. So, no more waiting to go into the office to email your group leader about the latest developments in the company. The handy app does all of this for you while you are occupied elsewhere.


Budgeting is crucial when it comes to purchasing a new software. Features are a great way to influence your purchase decision, but it all comes down to providing value for money. Now that you know how the two tools compare in terms of features, it is time to determine the costs.

ADP offers subscription-based pricing for its Workforce Now tool. Their exact pricing is unavailable unless you contact their sales team, but according to one website, their plans begin at $62 a month. The pricing seems to be variable as they have various optional features and add-ons to choose from. They could arrange for a free demo for your organization based on which you could select a customized subscription plan.

MobileHR, on the other hand, offers transparent pricing. No matter what the size of your organization and the number of employees are, all you need to pay is $75 a month and you get access to the full spectrum of the app’s feature. So, your budget never takes a hit even if you plan to expand in the future.

Target Market

ADP Workforce Now serves all sizes of companies. So, whether your organization has fewer than 50 employees or more than 1000, ADP should have a subscription plan and a suite of tools that is right for you. The brand caters to many different industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, construction, services, retail, healthcare, government, and nonprofits.

This is where MobileHR truly provides value. Although it is flexible for you to add any number of employees to the system, it is tailored to suit the needs of a smaller company, with the number of employees ideally between 10 and 100. It is this custom approach that makes it a wise investment, especially when you are starting small. If your company grows, you could limitlessly continue to add employees and access the same features at no extra cost.

User Reviews

There is nothing better than knowing what other people think about a product before you consider a big purchase. To aid you further in your decision, here is a summary of what users would like to see improved in the ADP Workforce Now software.

1) Reporting issues: Creating charts could have been easier. Reporting is not as customizable as expected

2) Company size: Not recommended for companies with employees fewer than 50. The tool is prone to errors in such cases

3) High processing time: Users demand a faster tool

4) Customer service: Long wait and resolution times cause dissatisfaction in users

5) Implementation: Users had to deal with complex issues during implementation, including incomplete installations and lack of ownership from the company

These challenges could be overcome by MobileHR, which boasts of built-in customizable charts and fast processing of data. Additionally, it focuses on smaller companies with the number of employees as low as 10. Finally, there is no need for a technician-based installation. All you need to do is download the mobile app from the App Store.

Editorial Reviews

In addition to user reviews, here is a summary of editorial reviews, so you get to know what the experts think should be improved in ADP Workforce Now.

1) Complicated: Not suitable for companies that require basic payment processing as the working of the tool is complex

2) Vacation management: It is difficult to edit the time offs if vacation days run over for an employee. It messes with the existing data

3) Performance management: The process takes time and is complicated to set up

4) Customer service: Long wait times and inefficient follow-ups are a cause for concern

MobileHR is here to smooth out these challenges. With its flexibility, any kind of processing happens quickly by a tap on the phone. Vacation management is also a breeze and is completely editable anytime, not to mention the synchronization with your phone’s calendar that gets automatically updated with all changes.

The Verdict

Choosing a powerful yet uncomplicated HCM tool may look difficult. You need to think about the features, the costs, implementation, and so on, before finalizing a product. While ADP Workforce Now has some cool features, when it comes to value for money, MobileHR is a clear choice. Its flexibility, ease-of-use, security, and complete mobile access makes it a go-to option for small businesses. Download, set up, and let it run automatically, thus freeing a lot of time for your HR team. Check out the intro video and the app in your 7-day free trial from the home page.