Human Resource (HR) is one of the most important support teams of any organization. Needless to say, the more efficient your company’s HR team is, the more likely you are to retain your top talent. But the HR team is often overburdened with a lot of manual tasks that cause delayed paperwork and have a ripple effect down the teams. Fortunately, Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions could help automate most of these tasks. With so many HCM solutions out there, though, it could be difficult to select the right one for your company. Here is a comparison of two leading tools that could help you decide. Read on for a detailed BambooHR review and a comparative review of MobileHR.


Comparing features is a great place to begin when purchasing any new software. That way, you know what your organization needs and whether the software is the right fit. Let us see where these two tools stand concerning the key HR tasks.

Data in One Place

BambooHR: The tool allows your HR team to maintain a single employee database for the entire organization. This way, you do not need to go through multiple spreadsheets located in different systems or even in different locations. All employee information could be accessed through secure access to this database.

MobileHR: MobileHR not only has all the data in one place but also breaks the data down into modules for you to find anything instantly. Moreover, the 100% mobile app allows you to synchronize the data with other apps such as messaging, email, and camera so that you have a view of the information anytime you want. Forgotten to manually update some data? No problem, the app could send you reminders for that.

Payroll Administration

BambooHR: Payroll management is an important functionality that top HCM tools must provide. Unfortunately, the core BambooHR software does not include a payroll suite. Instead, there is a separate BambooHR Payroll software that you could purchase, which integrates with the core software.

MobileHR: A fully in-built payroll and tax administration module makes this app easy to use for your HR department. It is simple to go through a few taps on the mobile app to schedule varied payments depending on the employee type and the payment mode. Tax computations are taken care of by the tool as well. All of this is possible while you are on the move.

Benefits Tracking

BambooHR: The benefits tracking feature of this software makes it easy for the HR as well the payroll team to manage custom benefits enrollments from employees. Variable-rate insurance plans offer more flexibility to the employees as well. You could also generate reports using this tool to understand historical enrollment trends.

MobileHR: Through this app, benefits tracking is a breeze. With just a few simple taps on your phone, you could manage enrollment preferences, costs, and other nitty-gritty of benefits management. Third-party insurance vendors could also manage the data with restricted and secure access to the mobile app.

Performance Tracking

BambooHR: Performance management is handled intuitively by this tool, but is available at an extra cost. From the setting of goals and one-on-one discussions, through preparing the right discussion points for employees and managers, to sending reminders for goals to be completed, this module has you covered. As a manager, you could also generate performance reports for the entire team or even the entire organization.

MobileHR: At no extra cost, the tool automatically records every appraisal discussion point between the employees and the managers and stores them so that employees could go back whenever they want and review those points. Managers could visually track the performance of the entire team anytime through the flexible mobile app.

Time and Project Management

BambooHR: Time tracking comes as a fully-automated module in this software, although some of the advanced features are available only at a higher price. Employees could log in to the portal and record their timesheets from the tool itself. These are then sent automatically to the managers for approval. No manual tracking of forgotten timesheets is required as the software sends timely notifications to all employees and managers.

MobileHR: With MobileHR, time tracking is no longer limited to timesheet management. Managers could use this app to track the availability of team members and assign projects or tasks to the free hands. Further, this tool could generate reports based on the project assignments that could be sent over to clients, project owners, and even the payroll department.


BambooHR: Employee self-service on this tool is limited to managing leaves and profiles, while for managers, the feature extends to allow them to approve leaves and generate relevant team reports.

MobileHR: Make your HR team more efficient through this app’s highly efficient self-service features. Employees could manage their leaves, view their compensations and benefits and access vital information surrounding their roles. Managers, on the other hand, could use this feature to approve leaves, generate reports, manage new hires, retirements, long-term absences such as maternity leaves, and a lot more, through an easy-to-use mobile app at no extra cost.

Vacation Management

BambooHR: BambooHR lets employees track their vacations and manage their leaves through a mobile app. The tool does the rest by following up with the manager for the approval, editing the work calendar to show who is out, and keeping track of every individual’s paid-time-off accruals.

MobileHR: With MobileHR, you could do much more than sitting at your desk and looking at vacation calendars all day. In addition to allowing employees and managers to apply for and approve leaves on-the-go, the app also lets managers synchronize the team’s availability calendar with the regular phone calendar. So, no matter where you are, you could instantly find out who is available on a given day.

Reporting and Searches

BambooHR: The reporting and analytics feature is built into every module of the tool so that you could instantly pull up a report any time through a few simple clicks. Several built-in templates are available to understand the health of your company and strategize accordingly. However, if you need custom templates, you have to pay for a higher package.

MobileHR: In-built templates and custom templates for report generation are available for all your HR needs in this tool at no extra cost. Moreover, the app has a built-in company org chart. This is a unique feature that allows you to select the person’s name who would like to see the report and send it to them with only a few taps. No more writing separate emails to C-level executives.

Secure Access

BambooHR: Security is always a concern when multiple people in an organization use the same tool. Fortunately, with BambooHR, you could be extremely specific about the role-based access provided. Access could be restricted for every single feature, even minute ones. This ensures no one views or edits what they are not supposed to.

MobileHR: MobileHR also runs on role-based access. The security is strong in spite of it being a completely app-based solution. Its flexibility calls for high-degrees of security because even third-party vendors have access to this app. The tool lives up to all of these security expectations. Additionally, an admin from your organization gets to decide which role has which access, making the tool easier to use.


Your budget is a key concern when purchasing any new software and understandably so. You would, of course, love to have a tool that provides value-for-money instead of being incredibly expensive. So, are these two tools comparable with regards to pricing? Let us find out.

BambooHR: This software is available in 2 packages, namely, Essentials and Advantage. Certain features such as hiring & onboarding and advanced reporting are available only in the Advantage package. On top of it, certain other features such as performance management and extended time-tracking are charged extra. Pricing is not available on their website but according to a third-party source, it begins at $6.19 per employee per month for the Essentials package and $8.25 per employee per month for the Advantage package.

MobileHR: Priced at a flat rate of $75 per month, this app allows you to use all of its features at no extra cost. Also, as your company grows, regardless of the number of employees, you continue to pay the same monthly price.

Target Market

BambooHR primarily targets small and medium-sized businesses with less than 1000 employees and caters to a wide range of industries with 15,000 plus customers worldwide. It typically takes four to six weeks to implement the software at a new customer’s premises.

MobileHR is best suited for small businesses with an employee count between 10 and 100. However, it is completely scalable and allows you to add new employees at no additional expense as your business begins to grow. There is no separate installation charge or any implementation time involved. All you need to do is download the app from the App Store and begin to use it.

User Reviews

It is always better to learn from those who have gone down the path before you when it is time to make a purchase decision. Here is a summary of the key improvement points as desired by many of BambooHR’s users.

1) Payroll Hassles: With payroll administration not being an integrated part of the software, many users had trouble with managing employee timesheets and linking them to pay rates.

2) Reporting Features: Even most basic reporting features were not available as per many users. Additional costs had to be incurred for advanced reporting that should have been rudimentary.

3) User Interface: Several customers found the tool difficult to use and limited in functionality.

4) Limited Upgrades: The limitations in features and functionalities are coupled with less frequent software upgrades.

5) Customer Service: Long hold times and lack of resolutions were irksome for many users.

MobileHR could be the right answer to the above challenges as it has an integrated payroll administration feature and advanced reporting options. Being a mobile app, the interface is extremely easy to use and it provides all the features through a few simple taps on a mobile device.

Editorial Reviews

Let us now look at what experts had to say about the things that are not quite right with BambooHR.

1) Pricing: The tool has some exceptional reporting features and performance management options, but they come at a much higher price.

2) Limited Functionality: Tracking of training is available but learning management is not.

3) Business Size: Only good for small companies, error-prone for larger businesses.

MobileHR, on the other hand, provides fully-functional reporting, performance tracking, and other features at a flat price. Moreover, it is flexible in terms of adding new employees as and when required, making it a scalable HCM tool. As your business grows, the tool grows with it and continues to provide the same features at the same quality.


Choosing the right HCM tool for your organization is not an easy task. When you decide on a purchase, you must consider the overall deal including the tool’s features, pricing, user experiences, and so on. While BambooHR has some great qualities, it might not be an apt solution for you if you are looking for a value-for-money tool. With most of its best features sold as add-ons, there is very little you could do on a limited budget. MobileHR, on the other hand, could be your go-to HR tool with its transparent pricing and fully-functional features. Additionally, the ease of implementation and use could make it a handy tool to lessen those long hours for your HR team in no time.