A typical HR team of any company has a lot on their plates and many of the tasks could be manual and time-consuming. Thankfully, technically advanced human capital management (HCM) tools could ease the team’s burden by automating the key tasks. A large number of such tools make the competition fierce in this market and could make it difficult for you to choose the right software for your team. Hence, of the several tools, provided here is a side-by-side comparison of two leading ones. Read on to find a complete CakeHR review and also the benefits of using another new app, named MobileHR.


Learning about a tool’s features is the first step in identifying whether the solution is right for you. Concerning some of the most important tasks associated with any HR team, let us find out how CakeHR and MobileHR stand against each other.

Data All In One Place

CakeHR: The tool is a fully-featured HR management platform, with modules separating the different tasks. A centralized location for all employee data, including personal and employment data, makes sure compliance is never a hurdle. Your HR team is always audit-ready when all the data is available at one place.

MobileHR: All employee data, from demographics to payroll, is available on a single platform. This tool also makes all data available in separate modules for easy access anywhere, anytime. Sync the data with your phone’s email, messaging, and camera apps for any time viewing. An additional benefit of using this tool is that it sends you automated reminders to update any missing data so that compliance is maintained at all times.

Payroll Management

CakeHR: Payroll administration is undoubtedly one of the key HCM tasks. However, this is where CakeHR takes a hit. As of now, the tool does not provide payroll management. It only provides options to integrate the software with external payroll systems, be it third-party or in-house built payroll software. There is a possibility that the company might incorporate payroll management in their next year’s update.

MobileHR: The app provides a completely flexible and editable payroll administration module. Access the payroll and tax data of employees from anywhere and update information on-the-go. The module is suitable for complex organizations where compensation frequencies and types of employees vary. It also provides secure access to third-party vendors managing your payroll, all from a mobile device.

Benefits Tracking

CakeHR: Managing employee benefits could be tricky and not automating the process could be tedious for the HR team. CakeHR, however, does not include benefits management. either. It does not even currently have any way to integrate with any other benefits tracking software. Just like payroll administration, though, they are expected to include benefits tracking next year.

MobileHR: This 100% mobile app makes benefits tracking simple by allowing you to manage costs, employee preferences, and types of benefits all through some simple taps on your phone. It makes the process even easier by allowing you to add third-party insurance providers to the app through secure login credentials. It allows employees to track their enrollments on their cell phones, too.


CakeHR: A company thrives when its people are provided with access to tools that offer self-service. Although this feature is available in the CakeHR tool, its functionality is limited to employees being able to update their calendars and leaves. There appears to be no provision for manager self-service. A positive feature, though, is that employees can choose from a list of several languages when they access this feature.

MobileHR: This app provides both employee and manager self-service at no additional cost. Employees could manage their profiles, view payroll records, and so on through any mobile device. Managers could explore further options such as managing team details, viewing reports on specific team members, such as new hires, terminations, and so on. There are support videos to smoothly get new joiners started with this service.

Performance Tracking

CakeHR: A fully-functional performance tracking system in this tool allows employees to set up feedback sessions from anyone in the company. It allows managers to share feedback through the tool, too. Goal tracking is available for employees to view and for managers to approve. It incorporates 360-degree feedback and has a survey feature that could be accessed from a mobile app.

MobileHR: The app automatically stores every single relevant data about the performance evaluation of an employee. Managers could ensure the feedback and recommendations are stored on the app for review at a later date. Employees could access their feedback data anytime with just a tap on their smartphone. The tool is flexible enough to be used in any type of appraisal cycle.

Vacation Management

CakeHR: Managing time-offs and vacations is easy with this tool and is quite flexible. Employees could request leaves on the tool and managers could instantly approve. The tool then automatically updates the shared calendar and helps generate reports of a team’s vacation plans. A standout feature of the software is that leaves could be managed from a mobile app, via email, or through an integration with Slack, a third-party portal.

MobileHR: MobileHR provides all of the same features of the other tool by allowing employees and managers to request and approve leaves directly on the app. A value-add feature of this app is that it also enables you to sync the office calendars with your phone’s calendar. This is great for managers always on the move.

Time and Project Management

CakeHR: The tool offers a basic, easy-to-use timesheet feature that lets employees update their working hours while managers get to approve them on the tool. There is also a provision to generate reports around these filled timesheets that could be submitted separately to the payroll department.

MobileHR: Task distribution is revved up a level with this app. It not only allows employees to enter their timesheets but also enabled managers to assign projects to free employees based on the automatically updated calendars. As the payroll administration feature is also a part of the same tool, the app could be automated to generate team availability reports to send over for payroll processing without human intervention.

Reporting and Searches

CakeHR: CakeHR provides in-built metrics such as performance, headcount, and turnover, based on which the HR team could generate analytical reports to better identify workforce-related issues. Custom reports are also available to further help the team pinpoint the root causes behind HR issues.

MobileHR: Built-in charts and reports are readily available for you to generate at the tap of a button on this mobile app. The tool also provides an in-built company org chart that allows your HR personnel to send a particular report to the relevant people simply by tapping on their names. Providing company updates to busy C-level executives on-the-go has never been easier.


CakeHR: This software is completely cloud-based and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As such, their security relies on the policies of Amazon, which are strong enough for customers to store sensitive data through this tool without worrying about data theft. The tool allows permission levels to be set for all employees and thrives on strong password policies.

MobileHR: Being a complete mobile app does not mean that security is in any way compromised with this tool. Authorizations are completely role-based and ensure the transmission of sensitive data is never an issue. Roles are assigned by someone from your company so that you have full control of the security aspects. The authorization process is strict for employees and vendors alike.


When it comes to pricing, expensive is not always better. What your company needs from an HCM tool is value for money. So, how do these two tools fare when it comes down to the budget? Let us find out.

With CakeHR, the pricing is flexible. They let you choose the number of modules you wish to add to the tool and then calculate the price per month based on the number of employees. According to their pricing calculator, if you select all modules except ‘Recruitment’, for a company of 10 employees you could end up paying around $190 per month.

Contrast this with MobileHR’s attractive flat rate of $75 a month and you have a clear winner. The best part is that this price does not vary with the number of employees. Whether you have 10 employees or 200, all you need to do is pay this flat rate, download the app from the App Store and start using it with all the modules.

Target Market

CakeHR has deployed its software to companies from various industries throughout the globe. They cater to companies of all sizes and provide the flexibility of choosing the required modules from their overall product. A 14-day free trial is provided for you to figure out whether this tool is right for your business.

MobileHR, on the other hand, is suited best for small companies, with the number of employees anywhere between 10 and 100. This, however, does not mean that the app is not suitable for larger companies. It simply means that if you are a new company and have fewer employees, this tool provides a focused approach, with the option of scaling up as your business expands and the number of employees grows.

User Reviews

Here is a summary of what different users had to say about the things that they want to be improved in the CakeHR tool. This could guide you to make a better purchase decision.

1) Mobile App: Users have reported that they found the computer version of the software more user-friendly than the mobile app

2) Vacation Management: Some users faced difficulty in updating vacations and leaves on the system and noticed calculation errors

3) Visualization: Report generation is quite basic as there are not enough customizations available

4) User Interface: The user interface was found to be rudimentary and not interactive, making it hard to find information on the tool

These deficiencies could be easily countered by the MobileHR app. Being completely mobile, this app ensures a smooth user experience. The interface is interactive and all the data is quickly found, being broken down into modules. Custom reports are easy to use and the intuitive org chart is beneficial. The tool is also on top of things when it comes to managing leaves, making no mistakes in the process.

Editorial Reviews

Adding to the user experiences, here is a summary of what the experts had to say concerning the shortcomings of the CakeHR tool.

1) Lack of features: The tool does not offer payroll and benefits management features.

2) No integration: Does not integrate with external benefits or learning management software

3) Pricey add-ons: The recruitment module comes at an incredibly larger additional cost

The flat-rated and billing-free MobileHR app overcomes these challenges by providing elaborate payroll administration and benefits tracking features. All modules are integrated well within the tool itself.


Learning about the features, pricing, and user experiences is crucial before making a software purchase decision. This is especially true if you are a small company and are looking for a value-for-money product. While CakeHR and MobileHR are both great tools when it comes to handling HR tasks, MobileHR has a slight edge over the other considering it provides more features at a much affordable price. There is no need for installation as well when you use this app. Just download and add your employees, give them role-based rights and let the tool roll.