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What’s so unique about MobileHR?
  • MobileHR is the first 100% Mobile HR APP that puts the collection, maintenance and management of employee information and many day-to-day operations in the palm of your hand. It is not an SaaS application.
  • We’re the only solution that you just download as an APP… and begin using right away. Directly billed to your iTunes or GooglePlay account.
  • MobileHR is the only solution that charges you a low, fixed monthly fee for your company… NOT a per-employee or per-record fee… and we don’t charge you more based on the number of functions you choose to use. There are no fees for setup or support.
How many employees can I have on MobileHR? What if I pass that number?

You can have as many employees on MobileHR as you want. Importantly, you can keep ALL of your employees on MobileHR… current employees, retired or former employees, interns, contractors…whoever you want. We don’t charge based on the number of employee records. So, go ahead, load it up.

Who is MobileHR designed for and why?

Really it’s designed for smaller companies with less than 100 active full-time employees in the USA. We have many customers with less than 10 employees and some with more than 100, but generally it’s designed for 10-100 full-time employees.

How easy is it to setup MobileHR?

MobileHR is extremely easy to setup. There are various Wizards to setup your company, add employees, and setup roles for administrators, HR managers, owners, and employees. Typically, setup takes only a couple of hours and is designed to be done on your own. Of course, if you need help, support is free — so call us.

Can I migrate from spreadsheets, files, or another system?

Of course! In addition to Wizards to setup your company and add employees, there are also tools to batch migrate employee records and upload them to MobileHR from Excel spreadsheets or import from your existing or other system.

Why is the price so low?

Because MobileHR is an APP, out of the box it is ready to use and fit for the needs of smaller companies. The APP is very easy to use, simple to deliver via your existing APP store, self-configurable (with support if needed), and it basically runs itself. At MobileHR we therefore don’t have the overhead of server farms, implementation staff, accountants, or sales teams! Those savings get passed on to customers, and our resources for the most part go into continuing to develop the APP.

How secure is my data?

Completely! All data is stored on the cloud and is accessed only by you and those you authorize. Nothing resides on your mobile devices or PC. Nothing is on a server in your office or on spreadsheets on your computer. And, you decide who in your organization has secure access to what kind of information.

No compliance fears. No risk of files being viewed by unauthorized people. It’s like Fort Knox in the palm of your hand.

Is MobileHR a SaaS solution like other HR software programs?

No, MobileHR is not a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. It is a stand-alone native HR APP that you download from the online marketplaces… just like any other APP. There is no salesperson or sales process, no configuration or implementation timetable, no per-employee fees, and no contract.

If I use my phone, is information actually stored there? What happens if I lose my phone?

You can use MobileHR on any device but information is never actually STORED on that device. All of your information is stored in the cloud and once you close the program, you’ve closed the door to the information. So, if you lose your phone, laptop or mobile device, you haven’t lost any of your data. It’s always right where you left it. On the cloud.

How do I download MobileHR?

You download MobileHR the same way you download any APP…from the marketplace store that you always use. Just remember that you will need to download it onto each device you plan to use. It does not automatically transfer to every device, although any information entered does auto-populate on all devices. Once you add employees and turn on their capabilities, they will get notification via SMS and email to download the APP for employee self-service.

Can I use MobileHR even if I’ve never used an HRIS before?

Yes. In fact, many of our clients have never had experience with an automated HR Information System (HRIS) before. That’s why we have tutorials for EVERY page. And, you can always contact us at MobileHR Support if you run into any problem.

What kind of integration does MobileHR have with my phone?

MobileHR integrates with your email, calendar, camera, (optional) location tracking/GPS… pretty much everything on your phone. So you can go directly from an employee record to an email to that employee; you can schedule a conference with an employee from your calendar… you can even (optionally) track the location of your mobile workforce when they are out of the office.

Do I need an internet connection in order to use MobileHR?

Yes, you do need to be able to access the MobileHR APP either via an Internet connection/WiFi or a cellular connection.

What hAPPens to my data if I lose my Internet or cellular connection?

Nothing happens to your data. As soon as you exit the MobileHR APP, any changes that you made are automatically saved and will be available to you when you re-establish your connection.

When and how do I get billed?

You are billed directly through your APP store to whatever credit card you have on file.

Can I use MobileHR on my desktop?

Yes, of course. The whole point of MobileHR is that it is accessible wherever you are. And, if you’re in your office, great. We’re there, too. But a desktop web browser is not needed for our APP, only as an option. You can access the desktop login here

Just so you know, any information that you enter into MobileHR, regardless of whether it was done on your phone, tablet or desktop, is saved on the cloud across every platform. So, you can upload a document on your desktop and it will be accessible on your mobile phone if you choose to use that device the next time.

How customizeable is MobileHR?

It’s not. On purpose. The vision of the MobileHR APP is that it is designed to be used “out of the box” for small businesses. Every effort has been made to ensure the best, compliant, and most useful functionality is available so you don’t have to worry. The APP is however configurable where and when it needs to be for setup, reporting, etc.

Can I export data from MobileHR?

Yes, of course. There is an export tool that allows for export to .CSV and other formats appropriate for MS Office and other applications. Reports can also be exported in standard formats.

Does MobileHR “run” payroll?

No. Purposely. MobileHR tracks and collects all the information you need to administer payroll. It also allows you to create payroll groups, frequencies, runs, ad-hoc entries, etc. It is designed to export these files in a scheduled manner to any payroll provider. We believe that your HR systems and payroll should be separate so that you can switch payroll processors (calculations, check printing, etc.) as your business demands. Simply, we are agnostic on payroll.

How can you offer this so inexpensively? Won’t the costs escalate a lot once you’re more established?

The price of technology is driven mostly by the modifications that need to be made to it to. We have already anticipated all of that and, over the course of six years, designed MobileHR to have all the fields and functionality that our customers need. As an APP, we do not give you the ability to add new fields or customize to different configurations. So you should not expect significant cost escalation as we evolve.

How do my employees access MobileHR?

When you enter an employee into MobileHR, they’ll receive a link with instructions on where to download the APP. Once they do, all the information that you have pre-populated will be available, but they will have access ONLY to those things that you authorize. They can begin to record their time, request time off, and perform a host of other activities right away.

Can employees see everything that I see as the owner/administrator?

No. Every user has their own role-based security that you assign. So, owners see everything, administrators see what they have been authorized to see, and the same is true for managers and employees. It’s all very easy to set up and our team can help you to do so quickly if needed. Or, the videos will provide the instruction you need.

Can I attach documents to employee records?

Yes. You can easily upload anything to an employee record. So, if you want to add a performance review, certification, photo… whatever… MobileHR was built to store the information you need about employees in one location. You can even scan any kind of document (company laptop serial number, employee driver’s license, employee visa, I-9, etc.) and add to a record securely. You can even take a photo of a document and upload it to the APP.

What kind of contract is required?

There is no contract. You can use MobileHR for as long as you benefit from it (which we presume will be forever), or you can cancel it at any time with no penalty.

How do I cancel MobileHR?

Simply go to the Cancellation page, and cancel it right from the APP. Or contact us through our online form, and we’ll assist you. No questions, no hassle, done.

If I cancel, what happens to all of my data?

Your data is your data, and if you cancel, you have 7 days to download all of your data using the Reports function. Once you do, it’s removed from the cloud completely. Only the administrator/owner can download all this data from the entire App for all employees.

What do I do if I run into problems and the videos or help text don’t give me the answers I need?

We have a support team that is available during regular business hours. We will always respond to you via email or phone during regular business hours. Often, we’ll respond to your request with a link to a video to show you how to do something.

How do I become a partner with MobileHR? How can I make MobileHR available to my clients?

We are always open to adding partners who represent new channels for MobileHR, so we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact our support team through our online form, and we will arrange a time to speak.