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What’s so unique about MobileHR?
  • MobileHR is the first HR solution that was built for companies of approximately 40 – 125 employees (but less or more is fine) that puts the collection, maintenance and management of employee information and many day-to-day operations in the palm of your hand.
  • We’re the only solution that charges you a low, fixed monthly fee for your company… NOT a per employee or per record fee, and we don’t charge you more based on the number of functions you choose to use.
  • We’re the only one that doesn’t require configurations, contracts, training or any of those other annoying things.
  • And, we’re the only one that is 100% mobile so you can access employee information (and allow employees to input information) whether in the office or on the road.

Unlike other HR solutions that have been built for large companies and then scaled back for smaller and midsize companies, MobileHR was actually BUILT and priced for companies your size. Our team of experts actually spent six years developing MobileHR, ensuring that we knew all of the data you should be capturing. Further, it was designed to be easy… accessible as an app and ready to use. So, there’s nothing for you to do other than to sign up, add your employees and start simplifying your business life with MobileHR.

Want to know even more?

  • MobileHR requires no contract, maintenance or complex configuration.
  • MobileHR is a stand-alone HR app; not a front end to some expensive back end. Of course you can access MobileHR from your browser, but we designed it so that there is no web layer required. You don’t need a network. You don’t even need an office. You never have to go anywhere other than your smart phone. It’s HR in your pocket…24/7. All in.
  • MobileHR is about more than just HR. It’s about people and your organization. It will be your storage unit and company directory. You can look up an employee, initiate a call, send an email, scan and upload pictures of documents and forward to anyone in your organization, integrate information on to your calendar, etc. There is no limit.

MobileHR will change the way you manage people in your company and will make you smarter about your employees and what they’re doing.

How many employees can I have on MobileHR? What if I pass that number?

We built MobileHR for companies of approximately 40-125 people, but smaller or larger is just fine. And, if your business grows beyond that size, good for you! MobileHR can scale with you at no additional charge.

Importantly, you can keep ALL of your employees on MobileHR… current employees, retired or former employees, interns, contractors…whoever you want. We don’t charge based on the number of employee records. So, go ahead, load it up.

How secure is my data?

Completely! Let’s face it. When it comes to employee data, it has to be tight as a drum. MobileHR is. All data is stored on the cloud and is accessed only by you and those you authorize. Nothing resides on your mobile devices or PCs. Nothing is on a server in your office or on spreadsheets on your computer. And, you decide who in your organization has secure access to what kind of information.

No compliance fears. No risk of files being viewed by unauthorized people. It’s like Fort Knox in the palm of your hand.

If I use my phone, is information actually stored there? What happens if I lose my phone?

You can use MobileHR on any device but information is never actually STORED on that device. All of your information is stored in the cloud and once you close the program, you’ve closed the door to the information. So, if you lose your phone, laptop or mobile device, other than the inconvenience and expense of replacing it, all of your data is secure and right where you left it. On the cloud.

How do I download MobileHR?

The process for downloading MobileHR requires two steps for you, and then just one step for your employees.

For you, simply hit the GET STARTED tab on this website and you’ll be taken directly to the registration page. Once you complete the registration information, you’ll receive a link to download MobileHR from the mobile marketplaces. You will need to download it on to each device you plan to use, or access a URL on your desktop. That’s it.

For your employees, once you enter them into the system, we’ll send them a link to download the APP from the online marketplaces for each mobile device they plan to use, or access a URL on their desktop. Then they’re ready to go. And, there’s no limit as to how many devices you can use.

Can I use MobileHR even if I’ve never used an HRIS before?

Yes. In fact, many of our clients have never had experience with an automated HR Information System (HRIS) before. Just contact MobileHR Support and we’ll walk you through it… as often as you need it.

What kind of integration does MobileHR have with my phone?

MobileHR integrates with your email, calendar, camera, location tracking/GPS… pretty much everything on your phone. So you can go directly from an employee record to an email to that employee; you can schedule a conference with an employee from your calendar… you can even track the location of your mobile workforce when they are out of the office.

Do I need an internet connection in order to use MobileHR?

Yes, you do need to be able to access the MobileHR app either via an internet connection or a cellular connection.

What happens to my data if I lose my Internet or cellular connection?

If you lose your connection, all of the data that you have saved in MobileHR will be available to you when you re-establish your connection.

Why do you need a credit card on file?

In the same way that we make it easy to access MobileHR by just downloading it, we make it easy to pay for MobileHR by just charging a credit card. Again, it doesn’t matter how many employees you have on the system, or how many different modules you use, the price is the same at $75 per month for your whole company. By managing billing this way, we don’t incur the expense of invoicing you and we don’t bother you with yet another invoice that you need to process.

When does my credit card get billed?

We will wait a full 30 days before billing you for MobileHR, and then will bill you monthly on the anniversary of your sign-up date. We want you to use MobileHR at no charge for the first 30 days, get your system set up, and learn about what it can do for you.

Then, on a monthly basis, we will charge the credit card in the amount of $75. There will be no additional charges to the account no matter how many records you add or how often you might need to contact Support.

Please note that when you enter your card number for the first time, the card will be verified by our processing service by charging and reversing $.00. You will see that on your card statement.

Can I use MobileHR on my desktop?

Yes, of course. Many of our users actually do work from their offices most days and choose to access MobileHR from their desktops regularly. The whole point of MobileHR is that it is HR wherever UR. And, if you’re in your office, great. We’re there, too.

Just so you know, any information that you enter into MobileHR, regardless of whether it was done on your phone, tablet or desktop, is saved on the cloud across every platform. So, you could upload a document on your desktop and it will be accessible on your mobile phone if you choose to use that device the next time.

Who developed MobileHR?

MobileHR was developed by professionals in HR Software, Payroll, Benefits and Technology whose experience gave them the knowledge and vision to create the next generation of HR software for the most important segment of the U.S. business market…companies like yours. Then they poked, prodded, tested, challenged, re-tested and perfected it. Here are some of the people behind MobileHR:


Shep Sepaniak
An employee benefits expert with a leading business services company, Shep knows how benefits need to be presented and managed. He also understands the pace of the SMB market as he recently served as president of the New York Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization.

Sam Candido
Sam Candido brings over 35 years of experience in the fields of Human Resources Software and Operations Management to the design and development of MobileHR. A consultant in the specification, design, development and implementation of HR systems for large corporate entities, Sam used that experience to create a mobile platform for small to mid-size businesses that became MobileHR. He continues to evolve the app based on customer experience and knowledge gained from support and user interviews. Sam holds an Associate’s degree in Computer Science in addition to an MBA from Columbia University.


Bill Georgey
Bill is the former Managing Partner of Accenture’s North American Technology organization for communications, media and electronics. The youngest Managing Partner in Accenture history, Bill has extensive experience with large-scale enterprise software system design, development, and deployment, with a special focus on ASP and SaaS implementation models. Today Bill serves as an advisor to Omni Venture Capital and other VC organizations, and is a published novelist.

Roger Siebel
Roger was the co-founder of PayChoice, the industry leader in client retention, which today has nearly 150,000 businesses relying on the Company for services and technology. Earlier, Roger was COO of InterPay, Inc. which he helped to grow from $4 million to more than $40 million in revenue, with nearly 30,000 clients. At the time of its sale to Fleet Bank (purchased by Bank of America), InterPay was the 5th largest payroll company out of 5,000 in the U.S.

Robert E. Farina
Bob is an accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years of experience in successfully growing enterprise software and service businesses. He has held CEO positions with three companies in the technology space including CyberShift, a strategic workforce and expense solutions company.


Ryan Tweedie
Ryan is a highly respected HR Technology leader and entrepreneur who has advised, founded and led a number of HR technology companies including Sapien Software, HRSoft, GlobalPay and more. He currently is a Principal at Ernst & Young and was Founder and Chairman of MobileHR until 2013.

Is MobileHR a SaaS solution like other HR software programs?

No, MobileHR is not a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. It is a stand-alone HR app that you download from the online marketplaces… just like any other app. There is no salesperson or sales process, no configuration or implementation timetable, no per-employee fees, and no contract.

How can you offer this so inexpensively? Won’t the costs escalate a lot once you’re more established?

The price of technology is driven by the modifications that need to be made to it to accommodate specific users. We already designed MobileHR to have all the fields and functionality that our customers need and gave them the ability to upload documents into the app as they need. We do not give you the ability to add new fields or customize the app with different configurations. We’ll show you how to get your company logo on the system but beyond that, in all of our testing, our customers didn’t need customized fields and they certainly didn’t need to pay extra for them.

How do my employees access MobileHR?

Employees will access MobileHR by invitation to them and their access will be secured based on their role in the company.

When you enter an employee into MobileHR, they’ll receive a link with log-in instructions on where to download the app. Once they do, all the information that you have pre-populated will be available, but they will have access ONLY to those things that you authorize. They can begin to record their time, request time off, and perform a host of other activities right away.

Can employees see everything that I see as the owner/administrator?

No. Every user has their own role-based security that you assign. So, owners see everything, administrators see what they have been authorized to see, and the same is true for managers and employees. It’s all very easy to set up and our team can help you to do so. Or, the videos will provide the instruction you need.

Can I attach documents to employee records?

Yes. You can easily upload anything to an employee record. So, if you want to add a performance review, certification, photo… whatever… MobileHR was built to store the information you need about employees in one location. You can even scan any kind of document (company laptop serial number, employee driver’s license, employee visa, I-9, etc.) and add to a record securely.

What kind of contract is required?

There is no contract. You can use MobileHR for as long as you benefit from it (which we presume will be forever), or you can cancel it at any time with no penalty.

How do I cancel MobileHR?

Simply go to the Cancellation page, and cancel it right from the app. Or contact us at and we’ll assist you.

If I cancel, what happens to all of my data?

Your data is your data, and if you cancel, you have 30 days to download your data using the Reports function. Once you do, it’s removed from the cloud completely.

What do I do if I run into problems and the videos or help text don’t give me the answers I need?

We have a support team that is available during regular business hours. We will always respond to you via email or phone during regular business hours.

How do I become a partner with MobileHR? How can I make MobileHR available to my clients?

We are always open to adding partners who represent new channels for MobileHR, so we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact our support team at, and one of our principals will arrange a time for us to speak.