• MobileHR is the first 100% Mobile HR app that puts the collection, maintenance and management of employee information and many day-to-day operations in the palm of your hand.
  • We’re the only solution that you just download as an app… and begin using right away.
  • MobileHR is the only solution that charges you a low, fixed monthly fee for your company… NOT a per-employee or per-record fee… and we don’t charge you more based on the number of functions you choose to use.

Want to know even more?

  • MobileHR requires no contract, maintenance or complex configuration.
  • MobileHR is a stand-alone HR app; not a front end to some expensive back end. Of course, you can access MobileHR from your browser, but we designed it so that there is no web layer required. You don’t need a network. You don’t even need an office. You can use MobileHR with nothing more than your smart phone. It’s HR in your pocket… 24/7. All in.
  • MobileHR is about more than just HR. It’s about people and your organization. It will be your storage unit and company directory. You can look up an employee, initiate a call, send an email, scan and upload pictures of documents and forward them to anyone in your organization, integrate information on to your calendar, etc. There is no limit.