Our team of HR and technology experts spent years developing and perfecting MobileHR. We designed it to deliver everything you need in order to operate efficiently and comply with labor laws. The result was the first app of its kind to capture all of the critical employee and business data that companies are required to maintain, and to deliver it in a way that is as easy to use for an HR professional as it is for an HR novice. So, there’s nothing for you to do other than to sign up, add your employees and start simplifying your business life with MobileHR.

Everything about MobileHR was designed to be easy -- from the ability to download it as an App, to the video tutorials that literally explain every screen and how to use it, to the setup Wizards for uploading data, exporting to payroll, and setting up your company. Load as many employee records as you want. Keep data on current and former employees, interns, temps... whoever, all without having to pay for every record. And importantly, know how much to budget for your HR solution all year, every year. Because that price doesn’t change based on employee count or functions.