Hotschedules, like MobileHR, is cloud-based human resource software that simplifies the work of managing employees’ tasks and payroll.

HotSchedules traditional focus has been scheduling, but they have since branched out after being acquired by Fourth, a U.K. based company.

Hotschedules as an online tool managed via a desktop computer for scheduling shifts, managing payroll/labor costs, time-off requests, as well as inventory. It is a complete packaging loaded with features such as social recruiting, labor management, API platform, and inventory.

However, it falls short when it comes to mobile management, speed of getting started, managing employee data and other tasks revolving human resource management, and this is where MobileHR gets the upper hand.

You can’t actually get started via the app store for HotSchedules. You have to contact them and go through their sales process.

The HotSchedules is $49/m per location. The $2.99 app cost is one-time per employee. Whereas MobileHR has a 7 day free trial. For 50 employees, the $75/m cost is just $1.50 per employee per month, and includes a lot more features.

With MobileHR, you can;

  • Collect, manage, and maintain employee data
  • Track attendance, projects, paid time off, employee benefits, performance reviews, education, and talent
  • Upload employee documents and schedule tasks
  • Feed payroll data to any payroll processor

MobileHR can do scheduling too. It works for full-time employees, contract and part-time workers. It can do scheduling either through the app or from another scheduling/assignment system, then recorded into the app to account for actual time worked.

As you can see, these two software apps are all great for managing employees’ data, which is why in this Hotschedules review, we will also be looking at how Hotschedules compares with MobileHR.

Let’s get started with the features that make both apps stand out;

HotSchedules Features- What Makes It Stand Out

As mentioned earlier, the main areas that HotSchedules stand out is in handling schedules of workers. Here are the main features of HotSchedules;

Schedule management

HotSchedules serves as an all-inclusive tool for businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry. It enables easy communication, creation, and management of employee schedules to reduce the time spent in doing this manually.

This app also boasts of advanced reporting and forecasting capabilities that allow users to schedule tasks for a specific time with certain people.

Training system

There is a training tool that is majorly designed for modern employees. This tool is offered to help Managers offer flexible training and can accommodate different styles of contents. Learners can also offer their suggestions and thoughts about the courses.

Payroll records management

This is another tool offered by HotSchedules to help in managing payroll records. You can get both payroll history and time cards within the system and also export this content to a 3rd party payroll provider. This tool offers other tools such as period planning and store reporting to help manage inventory

MobileHR Features- What Makes It Stand Out

Time and project tracking

With MobileHR, you can replace paper and spreadsheets with an electronic time-keeping system that allows you to track and approve billings sent to you by contractors, consultants, and clients. This data feeds into your billing tracker no matter where you are. It also allows you to track employee progress on a project.

Time-off and vacation management

This feature enables you to process, approve, and track employee leave and time-off requests without having to do it manually on paper. You can view this information on a built-in calendar.

Reporting and searches

MobileHR also allows you to search for and analyze company charts, employee summaries, payroll registers, project hours, and much more.

Performance ratings

You also have the option to assign performance ratings to your workforce to ensure that they comply with set standards and labor laws.

Now that you have an idea of the features each of these software app offers, let’s now compare the two, side by side.

How HotSchedules Compares to MobileHR

Scheduling Employees

Employing scheduling tasks can be a daunting task that may even require you to hire consultants, not to mention that adjusting to a new system can be costly and overwhelming. Although HotSchedules have schedules set up fee and has a hard-to-navigate interface, it does offer scheduling feature. This save managers’ time when it comes to scheduling employees as it offers different options

On the other hand, MobileHR doesn’t offer employee scheduling feature.

Overall, HotSchedules gives managers total control when it comes to scheduling. You can view schedule by day or even week.


When it comes to HotSchedules pricing, it is quite vague. HotSchedules hides behind the 14-day free trial and doesn’t publish its prices on its official website.

When it comes to MobileHR, the price is straightforward. After your 7-day free trial period, you pay $74.99/month. This amount is directly billed through the app store, and no support or setup fees are involved.

Powerful integrations

MobileHR has an easy to use schedule builder with a modernized interface. On the other hand, HotSchedules is known to have a poorly organized user-interface and is less sleek. 

HotSchedules Support vs. MobileHR support

When it comes to support, both HotSchedules and MobileHR have superb support teams. You can contact both support teams via a helpline, email, or browse from their vast resource center on their website.

Bottom Line

When comparing HotSchedules and MobileHR, it is clear that while HotSchedules app may be more popular in terms of employee scheduling and management software, MobileHR is a better option for your business for several reasons;

First, MobileHR has a more predictable and transparent pricing as compared to HotSchedules. In addition to this, HotSchedules hides behind the 14-day free trial and doesn’t display their prices on their website.

Second, HotSchedules doesn’t suit small businesses as it comes with a hefty price tag. For MobileHR, you will get the basic employee scheduling, team communication tools, and time tracking for $74.99/month.

However, on the downside, MobileHR lacks employee scheduling capabilities, which HotSchedules prides itself in. With HotSchedules, you can schedule employees’ task for the day for a whole week and track their progress.

Hotschedules is largely known to be retail scheduling software meant for the hospitality industry, while MobileHR can be used in many SMEs for employee management.

To finalize our comparison, it is clear that MobileHR scores higher than HotSchedules in terms of quality and performance. And although it may score high in terms of general customer feedback because of its reputation, which it has gained for several years, MobileHR seems to be catching up.

Therefore, if you are looking for an employee scheduling app, HotSchedules fits the bill. However, if you want a HR software, then MobileHR is your best bet.