Executive Summary

Namely has a high price tag matched with minimal mobile functionality like paystubs and time off requests, compared to MobileHR, which also has revenue driving features like time and project tracking, camera/GPS integration for field employees, and everything else to be productive wherever, whenever.

Namely Pricing

The biggest differentiator noted by reviewers is Namely’s expensive pricing, especially for small businesses. Namely hides their pricing online because it’s expensive. They know it would be a turn-off to buyers. 

To get pricing from them, they want your contact info first and to schedule a 1:1 demo (aka sales call). Rather than waste your time on a sales call, our research indicates Namely charges $10,000/yr for a small business with 50 employees. That’s their minimum. So even if you have fewer than 50 employees, like 20 employees, it’s still $10,000/yr for their Core HR platform. 

Do you know what their cost covers? Their advertising costs, paying salespeople to do the demos, their executive salaries, their overhead, developers, and their 24 or more investors

Seems like the price of doing business, until you realize there’s a much more affordable alternative.

MobileHR Pricing

MobileHR is just $75/m for every Core HR feature, TOTAL. That’s more than 90% off the cost of Namely, just 10% of their price. There’s no hidden add-on fees like setup fees, no per employee fees and no implementation fee either.

MobileHR has a robust feature set and just cuts the fat, the overhead and drawn out processes. It enables small businesses to easily enter, aggregate, update, and use employee information to run a small business. It can be the core, at the heart, of a variety of business models and industries, as it’s robust and flexible. It’s secure to keep sensitive information safe and compliant. It makes tracking employee data easy, such as time, projects, location, time off, benefits, payroll, performance, education and employment data.

With MobileHR, you can download it straight from the app store and start using it for free with a 7-day trial.


If you have the cash to burn, you might be concerned that somehow Namely has more features than MobileHR, aka “you get what you pay for.” For $10,000/yr, 11x the cost of MobileHR, you’d expect to find 11x the value of features in the app. We already established that the money is being spread thin beyond feature development; it’s going to marketing, overhead and investors. Namely doesn’t give you 11x more, because to get more features, they charge even more. 

  1. Payroll and Benefits Administration is another $5,000, which MobileHR covers in the $75/m price. 
  2. Want to use any payroll service? MobileHR lets you, included.
  3. Want Quickbooks integration? MobileHR has it.
  4. Need Time & Attendance? Namely charges more for that “Extension”. MobileHR considers tracking employee costs a core HR feature, so it’s included for no extra cost.
  5. How about project tracking, for either external client project revenue generation or internal project cost and time tracking? Sounds pretty important to most organizations. MobileHR includes project management too. Namely, doesn’t even have it.

Target Market

Namely’s target market is 50 – 2,000 employees. They’re going after more mid-sized companies since they have more money than small businesses. MobileHR’s target market is about 10-100 employees, the small business market, that needs something easy to get started with, which you can, directly from the app store. You can’t get started with Namely without talking to a sales person and paying thousands more. 


Namely doesn’t let customers sign-up through the app store, because that would cost them 30% of their expensive fee, which would add up for them and take away profits for their investors. 

Rather than waiting for and sitting through Namely’s 1:1 demo, MobileHR instead makes it easy to download, install, and start using it right from the app store. 

Simply download the MobileHR from the app store, add your employees, and then they all get notified to download and access to it for free. This enables a fast, low-cost model, designed to get small business owners up and running, so they can get to growing their business. 

If you’re migrating from another system or want to save money and switch from Namely, MobileHR makes it easy. There’s options to add employees both via mobile or desktop PC, and customer service can assist if needed too, making the transition smooth.


Employees get access to their own Employee Self-Service (ESS), giving them the ability to view and update info on-the-fly, without taking up the time of emailing a business owner or HR. Namely only has features like payroll, benefits, and time management. MobileHR, being a mobile-first app, allows incredibly useful phone features to integrate with your business like camera (pictures of documents or people you meet), SMS, and GPS for location tracking out in the field.

“Manager Self-Service” allows for approvals for employee request like time off, attendance, projects, changes to data, etc on the fly via the mobile app for much quicker approvals. There’s also the ability to search and report on fields. Managers can hire, fire and promote. Also manage “life changes” for employees like having a baby, retiring, etc.

Payroll and Benefits

If you have an existing payroll processor that distributes wages and taxes, that would make it all the more complicated to switch from it into Namely, keep you locked in, and paying their high prices. Whereas MobileHR keeps the cost down, allows you to keep your existing payroll processor or use anyone you prefer, while simply switching your HR system. MobileHR will administer payroll with pay schedules, frequencies, rate or salary, deductions and more. Then it’s sent to the Payroll Export Report to a payroll processor. It even integrates with QuickBooks Payroll. Same is true for benefits. MobileHR tracks what plan someone is in, what they are signed up for, and the benefits they get, making it a much more manageable process. The actual benefits processing is then provided to the provider of the business’s choice, like United Healthcare, Cigna, The Hartford, TransAmerica, etc, just like Namely can do.

User Role Authorizations

With Namely, you set up your own user authorization levels and what features they get access to with checkboxes. Figuring this out gets more complicated as a company gets larger, and it may result in meetings, emails back and forth, and request for permissions. 

MobileHR is designed to keep it simple with pre-set security options you can simply choose from for owners, administrators, managers and employees. The higher levels have access to their relevant info and lower levels.

Namely User Reviews

In the Apple App Store, the most critical reviews state issues with Namely’s app:

  • Crashing and having internet connection issues on WiFi occasionally (no issues like that with MobileHR)
  • Only having PTO is available through the app, so it feels very limited and near useless to them (MobileHR gives employees access to much more like logging hours)
  • Timesheet (clock in/out) and Calendar are not available but employees would like it
  • UX (User Experience) and handling of profile security (MobileHR is easy to learn and a lot has been invested in security for handling sensitive data)
  • Many other useful functions desired by employees, left out

In the Google Play Store, Namely has a 2.5 out of 5 star rating. The most recent critical reviews state issues like:

  • Crashes, slow, buggy
  • Password reset link doesn’t work
  • Unable to request time off or put in payroll
  • Separate app for time keeping called Namely Time (MobileHR is all in one)
  • Only features it seems to have are Paystubs, PTO requests, discussion board and directory (MobileHR gives employees access to much more, like scheduling, time clock in/out and project tracking)

Reviewers on software review sites say issues like:

  • The platform is not integrated/disjointed
  • Customer service is poor with responsiveness after many attempts
  • Frequent change-over with account managers
  • Their Managed Services offerings, which covers benefits and insurance, seem to cause a lot of headaches
  • Technical upgrades tend to cause issues rather than be run through Quality Assurance (QA) testing to get rid of the bugs before its rolled out
  • The price doesn’t change based on whether employees are using certain feature extensions or not
  • Implementation delays 
  • Third-party integrations like for accounting get a low score
  • Mobility gets a lower than average score

What Other Review Sites Say About Namely

From the many review sites we have analyzed, it is true that Namely is best suited for mid- and large-sized companies in any industry and also for companies that have a unique and established infrastructure.

At the core, their Human Resources Information System offers a centralized location where you can store employee information. You can get employees’ database with reporting, time off, and social news feed. Its payroll module handles payroll taxes, ACA reports, W-2s, and 1099S.

In other words, with Namely, you can operate your large-sized company in a paperless manner, conduct performance reviews, track goals, and more.

How Does MobileHR compare to Namely

From this review, we can quickly point out one thing- whereas Namely is a popular HR tool, it doesn’t suit small businesses that are looking for a seamless Human Resource tool.

On the other hand, MobileHR is a Human Resource tool designed primarily for SMEs- Small and Medium-sized enterprises. It makes HR management faster, seamless, and simpler by eliminating the need to handle each employee portal separately.

When it comes to helping business people handle employee management tasks from one platform, both Namely and MobileHR tick the box. Both apps promote productivity by aggregating all your employee data and information in one easy-to-manage platform. This saves you from the hassles of compiling employee personnel, business charts, payroll registers, performance data, and employee summaries from different platforms. However, keep in mind that you will find it easier to use MobileHR to perform these tasks for your small company/business than using Namely. Namely is designed for medium and large-sized companies.

Again, with MobileHR, you can track all your employee data, timesheets, attendance, benefits, performance ratings, vacation time, leaves, and many more from anywhere at any time since it is cloud-based. Of course, Namely offer most of these functionalities, but you will find it easier and more convenient to do it on an app that is suited for a small company rather than one meant to be used by medium and large scale companies.

In conclusion, we can say that Namely, just like Mobile HR is a great and reputable human resource software. However, it is not ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

On the other hand, MobileHR software is designed with SMEs’ needs in mind and thus will help you manage all the human resource activities for your small business with ease. It has all the features that you need. On the downside, you will find MobileHR not the best HR software for managing big businesses.

Therefore, MobileHR is better value than Namely for small businesses looking for a top-quality and low-price HR tool that will eliminate paperwork and consolidate all employee data and information in one place. Check it out via the video and app trial links on our home page.