When people issues keep cropping up in your organization and your Human Resource (HR) team already has a lot to handle, you need something more helpful than manual employee data processing. Thankfully, new-age Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions could provide just the right degree of automation your HR team needs. Out of a plethora of such software out there, it could, however, be challenging to find the software that is the perfect fit for your company. To help you in your decision, here is a comparison of two such leading tools. Read further for a complete Paycom review and a side-by-side review of MobileHR.


When choosing new software, you must evaluate its features to know whether the tasks it performs are the same tasks that your HR team needs. Let us look at how the two HCM tools fare concerning the core HR tasks.

All-In-One Solution

Paycom: Would it not be wonderful if you had all the employee data built into a single location? Well, that is what the Paycom HCM suite offers. It is a comprehensive solution encompassing all key HR and payroll tasks with data that could be accessed from a single database. All the wings of the software seamlessly connect.

MobileHR: Not only is all employee data available on a single platform but it also breaks down the data into easily accessible modules. Moreover, as the app is 100% mobile, you could view and edit any data from any corner of the world. Synchronize the data with other phone apps such as email, messaging, and camera for any time viewing. The app also sends you reminders if any of the information needs to be updated manually.

Payroll Administration

Paycom: With Paycom, you could process your company’s payroll automatically. Edits and updates could be done once and they get updated throughout the system without any manual intervention.

MobileHR: MobileHR allows to view and edit employee compensation details on the move through its 100% mobile app. Not only that, you could even assign third-party vendors to handle your company’s payroll through the same app. Employees could access their salary details and tax filings through their credentials for the app.

Benefits Tracking

Paycom: Benefits Administration is part of the HR Management module of this solution. The module allows employees to view and manage their benefits enrollments on a secure portal. As an HR manager, you could assign benefits plans, batch-update employee preferences, customize plans, and securely update carrier details, all on the portal.

MobileHR: With MobileHR, you could keep track of employee preferences, costs, and other benefits details through a few simple taps on your smartphone. Employees could enroll in plans through the app as well. Additionally, you could assign secure access to third-party insurance service providers.

Time and Project Management

Paycom: The Time Management module of the software allows you to view the clock-in and clock-out times of all employees, regardless of hourly or permanent positions and generate analytical reports based on the data. Labor allocation, overtime, employee schedules, and more could be handled by this tool. Seamlessly connect with hardware time collection terminals at the office using this tool.

MobileHR: Take the next step in time management through this innovative app. Not only could employees manage their login and logout times from anywhere through this tool but managers also have the extra benefit of assigning specific tasks or projects based on the team availability calendar. Send task management reports to project owners, clients, or payroll staff, all through this mobile app.

Performance Tracking

Paycom: This tool offers Performance Management as a sub-module of the Talent Management module. The tool is fit for organizations with 360-degree appraisal systems. It allows employees to complete their self-appraisals on the tool while enabling managers to provide feedback directly on the tool. It also connects the appraisal process with internal job openings.

MobileHR: This app fully automates the entire automation process, regardless of the appraisal cycle of your company. Every discussion held between employees and managers is recorded within the tool. Employees could go back to the tool and view those discussion points at a later date. Managers have the option of generating analytical reports on the performance of the entire team.

Vacations and Time-Offs

Paycom: Within the Time and Attendance sub-module, employees have the option of logging in to a mobile app and requesting their paid-time-offs. All leaves could be viewed on the app through a mobile-friendly calendar. Managers could track the entire team’s vacation plans on a single platform using this tool and approve/deny requests accordingly.

MobileHR: Vacation management is made simple through the fully mobile app. Employees could request leaves while on the move and managers could approve them while traveling, too. Additionally, managers could synchronize the office vacation calendar with an in-built phone calendar and view the team availability even from remote locations.


Paycom: Paycom provides a self-service app to all its employees through which they could manage their attendance, view compensations & benefits, manage training, update their profiles, and much more. It also provides a separate Manager-on-the-go app, through which managers could use their self-service options to approve leaves, timesheets, schedules, and so on.

MobileHR: MobileHR offers both employee and manager self-service on the same app at no extra cost. Employees could use the app to view their leaves, salaries, and other details regarding their roles while managers could use it to manage leaves, schedules, new hires, terminations, promotions, long absences, and more.

Reporting and Searches

Paycom: The tool allows push reporting across all HR tasks, which means the HR team could generate fully customized reports and automate the frequency at which they are sent to the designated recipients. Key organizational issues could be dealt with promptly with these automated dashboards.

MobileHR: MobileHR users have the flexibility to use the inherent standard as well as customizable reports to visually represent any HR query, be it compensations, vacations, benefits, or others. Moreover, the app comes pre-loaded with a company org chart, using which your HR team could send any report to anyone through the app simply by clicking the person’s name on the chart. Communicating visually with your company’s C-level executives has never been easier.

Secure Access

Paycom: Paycom uses 256-bit encryption for secure access to its database. Custom access is granted only to administrators who need to know sensitive details. Administrators must be authorized with extra security protocols. For all other accesses, least-privilege principles are in place.

MobileHR: MobileHR, being a 100% mobile app, prioritizes security. All accesses are role-based, which means no one can view or edit what they are not supposed to, including third-party vendors. The app allows you to assign an administrator from your company who gets to decide the roles and their respective access rights. This ensures you are in complete control of your employee data security.


Your budget, understandably, plays a key role in deciding on any new purchase for your organization. Sometimes, all you need is a low-priced tool that does what it promises and adds value to your company. Do these two tools meet that expectation? Let us find out.

Paycom: The company is not transparent with its pricing and there are various add-ons available over their base price, the details of which are not available unless you schedule a demo. As per a third-party website, for a small company, the monthly charges could include a $195 base fee, a $4.50 delivery fee, and $10 per employee fee. This is in addition to an initial setup fee of a whopping $1100.

MobileHR: MobileHR is available at a transparent price of $75 per month and does not depend on the number of employees. All of its features are available at this price. There are no additional delivery or implementation fees and no contract hassles. Simply download the app from the App Store, pay the flat price and use it for your HR tasks.

Target Market

Paycom caters to a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Technology, Education, Hospitality, Retail, and many more. Their HCM software is suitable for small as well as medium-sized companies with an employee count between 1 and 5000.

MobileHR, on the other hand, is designed to be a perfect fit for small companies with a headcount between 10 and 100. However, as your business grows and your number of employees increases, the app provides you the flexibility to scale up at no additional cost. Continue to add new employees to the app and leave the rest to the tool.

User Reviews

Let us now take a look at what other customers have experienced while using the Paycom software. Here is a summary of the improvement needs in this tool that many users have noted.

1) Complicated: Some users had trouble using the software efficiently because the features were not as straightforward as advertised.

2) Pricing: Users did not find the tool to be value for money. Instead, many felt that the pricing was high compared to the service. Also, there were hidden costs involved.

3) Capabilities: Basic features such as payroll and reporting were found to be subpar and using outdated technologies.

4) Error-Prone: Most payroll reports were found to be error-prone and with glitches, with no flexibility.

MobileHR could address the above challenges as it provides a user-friendly mobile app that is easy to navigate. Additionally, it offers flat pricing and no hidden installation charges. All of its features are available to any organization, making it a truly value-for-money tool. Payroll and customized reporting are built into the completely automated system, providing error-free calculations.

Editorial Reviews

Now, here is a summary of what technical experts thought might be good to improve in the Paycom HCM tool.

1) Pricing: Non-transparent and complicated pricing makes it a hassle for business owners to evaluate this software without opting for a demo.

2) Outdated Interface: The user interface is not as technically intuitive as you might expect of tools in the modern era. This was especially found to be true for the manager-level features.

3) Integrations: Minimal integrations are available for third-party accounting software or insurance brokers.

MobileHR fares better on all the above aspects. First of all, there is a flat monthly price, so you do not need a demo to decide your budget. Secondly, it boasts of a user-friendly mobile app for both managers and employees alike. Finally, MobileHR allows seamless integrations to third-party software such as Quickbooks, while also allowing several vendors to access the app through their login credentials.

The Verdict

When all you are looking for is a way to unburden your HR team and improve its efficiency, you need an HCM tool that provides value for money and is simple to use. Although Paycom offers several great features, it falls short in terms of pricing and user-friendliness. MobileHR, contrarily, being a fully mobile app, is not only easy to use but is also available at an affordable flat price. Download and start using all of its features to ease the day of your HR personnel, while improving employee satisfaction. When your HR tasks are taken care of automatically, you could spend your valuable time growing your business and even there, you will find the scalable MobileHR tool by your side.