Running any kind of company involves managing the people behind it. A systemic approach to managing the human capital of your company requires tools that make human resource (HR) tasks easy. With the advent of online and mobile-based software in almost every domain, apps and software related to HR management have become quite common. Among a plethora of options out there, it could be tricky to choose the software or the app that is right for your business. Paycor focuses on human capital management (HCM) software and has recently released its ‘Perform’ software. While it is undoubtedly a good software to use, several factors might suggest that there could be a better one out there, which is more suitable for your company. Here is an overview of one of the latest apps in the market, called MobileHR and alongside, a Paycor Perform review, to help you identify the right HR tool for your business.


Any software or app is primarily judged based on what it can deliver, aka, its features. Read on to find out more about how Paycor Perform and MobileHR stack up against each other in terms of the most relevant HCM activities.

Payroll Administration

Payroll is a high priority task for your company’s HR department and it needs to be trusted to the best hands possible. Paycor Perform’s payroll management system boasts of a completely online tool, where any edits could be made anytime, anywhere. Better yet, this system could be integrated with other activities and tools such as employee self-service, general ledger, and tax compliance. It also includes a tool for employees where they could keep track of their 401(k)s, pay cards, direct deposits, etc., also available through the Paycor Mobile App.

MobileHR, on the other hand, handles the payroll activities with more flexibility. If you run a company with different groups of employees, who receive salaries at different frequencies, then this is the tool for you. It allows you to set groups, pay frequencies, hours worked, time offs, and other tasks through an easy-to-use mobile app. With MobileHR, too, you could make changes on the go and view a payroll summary from anywhere. If you outsource your payroll tasks or use a third-party tool such as Quickbooks, no problem, MobileHR could be seamlessly integrated with any such tool.

Benefits Tracking

Tracking the benefits your company provides to your employees could be a tough task. With so many different benefits available and varying employee preferences, automating benefits tracking is a must to free up the time of your HR team. The Paycor Perform suite of software has Benefits Administration Software that does just that. Its open enrollment system ensures employees can track their benefits and understand more about the type of benefit they choose. For the HR manager, all employee-related benefits data is available is one place in a paperless format. You could view benefit enrollment trends through the software’s data analysis function.

With MobileHR, it is all about simplifying the benefits tracking process. With all employee benefits data in one platform, it helps you keep track of preferences, enrollments, and costs associated. If your company uses third-party providers for insurance-related benefits, you could provide secure access to them as well. All of this convenience comes right on the mobile device for anyone with access to the tool.

Performance Management

Gone are the days when feedback on an employee’s performance was solely at the discretion of the management. It is now the era of 360-degree performance management, which is simplified by the Perform HR tool by Paycor. Employees using this tool have the flexibility of adding their goals and self-appraisals while interacting digitally with their supervisors.

MobileHR takes this process up a notch by allowing managers to share their ratings and reviews of the employees electronically through this tool. Whatever discussion might have taken place inside the closed rooms, the guidelines and the feedback are all noted down and kept in the employee records for later reviews. Employees, too, have the flexibility to go through their evaluations anywhere, anytime.


Employees at your company should be able to take care of certain updates themselves, for example, enrolling in benefits, updating their details, viewing their payroll information, and so on. This is why the employee self-service option is a part of Paycor Perform’s HR & Benefits Software. The completely online portal ensures employees could make changes to their records, as permitted, from anywhere.

The MobileHR app provides a secure environment for employees and managers to log in and start with their self-service tasks without any extra cost. The authorization ensures there is no overlap and the employees and managers can view and edit the information that has been granted to them as per their roles. The MobileHR app support provides videos and instructions for new employees to quickly understand the features and get started with the self-service option.

Vacation Management

With so much already to do, managing the vacations of employees often gets sidestepped. Yet, it has to be done, because poor management of vacations and time-offs could lead to payroll issues. Paycor’s Time Off Manager ensures this task is fully automated. Employees can access the tool anytime and request their leaves without having to write separate emails to the supervisor. The managers get triggers through emails and could approve the requests with just a tap on the tool. No more chain emails involving employees, managers, and the HR personnel for a simple vacation.

With MobileHR, as with many of its features, visibility is key. The employees can request their leaves on the tool the same way as the other software and the managers could approve them directly on the tool. What stands out is that the manager could view the calendar of leaves that all the people in the team have applied for. That way, he/she knows instantly how many people are available at which time, to keep the business running smoothly. The cherry on top is that you could sync these vacation calendars with the calendar app of your phone and be worry-free about the number of available hands for a particular task at the office.

All Data In One Place

One of the key benefits of using an online HCM tool is that all employee data could be seamlessly available in one place. With Paycor Perform’s solution available over the cloud, it ensures all HR, time management, and payroll data are available on the same platform. This significantly reduces the tedium of using multiple files, folders, applications, and windows.

MobileHR is also completely automated when it comes to data collection and data storage in one platform. From employee demographic data to compensation, it is all right there at your fingertips, broken down into easy-to-use modules. It does not end there, either. MobileHR is quite interactive, too. If you have forgotten to update things manually, such as employee benefits, certifications, licenses, and so on, the tool helps you by sending reminder notifications. Integration to emails, other phone apps, messaging, camera, etc. makes locating data on this app look like a child’s play.

Secured System

Data security is key when you are looking to choose an HCM software. Paycor’s Perform fares well in this aspect as Paycor takes the security of the databases seriously. Apart from providing secure login ids and passwords to all employees, managers, and the HR personnel, the software also boasts of advanced threat detection and vulnerability scanning to keep hackers at bay. Disk-level encryption prevents data from being stolen, while storage of data is always in enterprise-class data servers.

MobileHR, with all its flexibility, is not lagging in security, either. With role-based authorization, the app ensures only those who are authorized to view certain data will be able to view them. You, the business owner, or your HR team get to decide who is authorized to view what. Anytime there is any change in records, the administrator is automatically notified by the mobile app.

Time and Project Tracking

As your business grows, so does the number of tasks to be handled by the employees. Without an automated tool to handle this, it could result in poor labor distribution. Paycor’s Perform software ensures employers can track the number of hours the employee has put in a project, thus enabling them to make better task distribution decisions. Employees could also use this tool to track their efficiency and stay on top of things by assigning themselves to new projects.

MobileHR completely overhauls the traditional timesheet system. Employees could enter their hours through a simple touch on their mobile, while managers could obtain detailed reports about the hours and assign them to respective clients and projects. No, you do not have to do all of this manually, the automated feature of time tracking in the app sees to that. It is flexible to be set up exactly in the format you want and helps you send customized reports to project owners, clients, or the payroll office anytime you want.

Reporting and Searches

Reporting is another important aspect of an HCM tool. With so much data within the platform, how do you even know when to access what? Paycor Perform’s HR Reporting Tool helps you with that. No need to keep on searching for the data you need. The in-built analytics, which includes charts and graphs help you pinpoint the exact cause of your concern. It also makes sense to have these graphs and insights ready when presenting the organizational data to a C-level executive.

MobileHR does all of that, including providing built-in charts and allowing you to design customized charts as well. With this app, you can go further by ensuring that you not only have the charts ready but also can send the charts to the relevant person. Its built-in company org chart helps you identify the right person to send a report to, which you can do without walking into the person’s office or writing an email. All you have to do is tap a button on your mobile.


While features of an app or a tool play a large part in your purchase decision, another aspect that plays a vital role is the price of the tool. If you are a small company, your budget could be tight and you would ideally like to go for a tool that provides value for money. Even if you are the owner of a big company, budgeting could still be crucial as cutting operational costs could significantly boost up the revenues. So, what do these two tools have to offer in terms of pricing? Let us take a look.

Paycor Perform offers subscription-based pricing. It has no free offers or free trials. Subscription-based pricing offers customers to sign up for the tool for a specific period, with options to renew. The complete payroll package by Paycor starts at $199 per month for an organization of 10 employees.

On the other hand, MobileHR provides you the same tools, with a lot more flexibility, in a completely mobile environment, at just $75 per month. This pricing does not depend on the number of employees either. This is what makes the tool true value for money. 100 employees would be just $0.75/employee/month.

Target Market

Paycor Perform has a solution suite applicable to a diverse range of industries, including education, healthcare, nonprofits, manufacturing, services, restaurants, and retail. The size of the firm or the number of employees does not matter as they cater to all categories of human resource management. They also have a solution for small business owners.

With MobileHR, on the other hand, while there is no limit to the number of employees you could add to the tool, it is best suited for smaller companies, ideally with the number of employees between 10 and 100. It is this focused approach that makes it a definite value-add to a small team of HR management. The best part is that if you are a small company today, but hope to expand in the future, the app is completely scalable to fit into your new plans.

User Reviews

Although the Paycor Perform software is rich in features, several users encountered issues with implementing the tool effectively in their organizations. Here is a summary of all those things that users would like to be improved in Paycor.

1) Customer service: Many users had negative experiences with the customer service team with either not being able to get through to anyone or not having their problems satisfactorily resolved.
2) Integration: Some users were not happy with the connectivity of the tool to other in-house HR portals. It seems to work fine with the payroll systems but not so much for other HR tasks.
3) Not for small companies: Small business owners have often found this tool to be complicated and not fit to be used in small companies
4) Not for complex organizations: This tool has been difficult to implement for some companies with different types of employees such as full-time and hourly workers. It does not seem to provide the desired flexibility.

To cope with these challenges, MobileHR is an ideal platform because flexibility and seamless integration are already high in the priority levels for this software. Also, it is custom-made to suit small businesses aptly.

Editorial Reviews

Here is a summary of editorial reviews that focus on what could have been better with Paycor Perform.

1) Lack of adequate benefits in the platform makes it less efficient for organizations who provide several different types of benefits to their employees
2) Payroll and HR tasks often do not gel well within the platform. It looks like either the payroll works fine or the HR systems
3) Customer service might need improvement

On the contrary, MobileHR supports both payroll and HR tasks equally and embeds them seamlessly into one platform. Also, being a 100% mobile app, as opposed to Paycor, MobileHR provides greater flexibility and ease-of-use.


Using an automated HCM software could help your HR team free up time and perform tasks more efficiently. In this day and age, when everyone is always on the move, why should your business stop? While Paycor Perform is great, you could add more value to your organization by opting for the MobileHR app, which provides all your employee-related data on one platform at an unbelievable price and helps you run your business smoothly, anytime, anywhere. Download it from the App Store and you are good to go. App store links and intro video are on the home page.