Human Resource (HR) is often one of the most overworked support teams in an organization. This is because most HR tasks are tedious and comprise detailed manual processes. Fortunately, you could increase the efficiency of your HR team by investing in a good Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. However, if you are a growing business and are switching from manual to automated HR processes for the first time, it could be challenging to determine which HCM solution is right for your organization. Let us compare two leading tools in this domain to help you in your choice. Here is a complete Rippling review alongside the review of MobileHR.


To get a better understanding of any new software, you must evaluate its features. Read on to find out which of the two solutions offer the features that your organization needs. Here is how the two tools fare against each other based on key HR tasks.

All-In-One Solution

Rippling: Rippling provides software that works straight out of the box. It bundles all core HR tasks as well as some of the IT tasks onto a single platform. There is only one system of employee records for you to edit and view so that you do not spend hours looking for data on multiple files or systems.

MobileHR: This is a 100% mobile app that holds all employee and organizational data in one place. It breaks down the data into modules for you to easily navigate and locate important information in no time. You could also synchronize the app with other apps such as email, messaging, camera, etc., for quick viewing of the data. Set up reminders through the app to update crucial information manually when needed.

Payroll Administration

Rippling: With Rippling, you could process payments for employees around the globe, whether they are permanent workers or contractors. The payroll module seamlessly integrates with the other modules of the software and also makes filing taxes easy. The addition of external accounting software is also possible through this module.

MobileHR: MobileHR allows you to categorize compensations based on different groups of employees and set different pay frequencies. Hence, it is extremely beneficial for a flexible organization. Edit and view payroll data from anywhere through the fully mobile app. Additionally, provide secure access to third-party payroll companies, who could view the data on their smartphones as well.

Benefits Tracking

Rippling: The Benefits Administration feature allows you to offer your company’s current benefits or choose new ones with the help of licensed advisors from Rippling. Employees could log in to the portal to self-enroll, view their benefits, and so on. All benefits enrollments automatically sync with the payroll system.

MobileHR: Use the 100% mobile app to view and manage enrollments and costs while you are on the move. Work with third-party insurance providers to give them access to the benefits and claims data securely stored on the platform. Employees could enroll and view them on the same app through their respective mobile devices.

Performance Management

Rippling: Appraisal cycles, when handled manually, could generate a lot of data, tracking which could be a huge task. Hence, performance management is a key aspect of any HCM solution. Unfortunately, Rippling does not have performance management built into it. However, they do provide options to integrate external performance management apps.

MobileHR: No matter what your organization’s appraisal cycle is, MobileHR deftly manages the performance of your employees. It records all discussion points between managers and employees during every performance evaluation so that you could go back to the tool later and review them. Additionally, managers could generate customized reports based on the entire team’s performance data.

Time and Project Management

Rippling: Your employees must be able to use a platform that allows them to record their work hours online. However, Rippling falls short on this feature as well. There is no time and attendance tracking module in this software, although it does integrate with external timekeeping apps.

MobileHR: This app allows employees to clock-in and clock-out using the time and project management module, even when working remotely. Moreover, it enables managers to assign specific tasks or projects to free hands, based on the timesheet calendar on the app. These assignments could then be generated into reports and sent to project owners, clients, or payroll administrators.

Vacations and Time-Offs

Rippling: Rippling has a PTO app that employees could use to login and view their leave accruals and apply for paid-time-offs. HR managers could update leave policies, holidays, and manage the vacation schedules of employees using the same app. Managers could also approve leaves on this app.

MobileHR: MobileHR gives you more than you desire when it comes to vacation handling. Not only does it allow employees to apply for leaves on the app from anywhere and managers to approve them on the app itself but it also enables managers to synchronize the team’s vacation schedule with any built-in phone calendars. This way, managers could stay abreast of the team’s availability even when they are not in the office.


Rippling: The employee self-service option provides employees with the ability to access their pay stubs, benefits, leaves, schedules, and other details. Manager self-service is limited to approving schedules and leaves on the system.

MobileHR: Not only could employees manage their profiles and leaves and view compensation and benefit details with this fully mobile app but even managers have a plethora of options available under manager self-service at no extra cost. If you have a team, simply login to the app from anywhere to manage new hires, promotions, long absences, terminations, retirements, and a lot more.

Reporting and Searches

Rippling: The software provides the options of using several built-in as well as custom reports to understand your organization’s HR issues better. As it also collaborates with some of the IT functions of your company, you could generate reports that are relevant to issues related to user activities on the tool, security, provisioning, etc.

MobileHR: You could choose from standard or custom reporting options that are built right into the app to visualize any kind of HR data. Feel the pulse of your organization using these intuitive charts. Additionally, the app has an in-built company org chart that allows you to send any report to anyone in the company by a simple tap on the person’s name. No more long email chains for a simple report.

Secure Access

Rippling: Being a tool that integrates key HR and IT functions, it is easy to maintain the security of the employee database. You could provide single-sign-on credentials to your employees, monitor their usage of the software, handle their password restrictions, maintain their laptops and other work devices, and much more, all through a single platform.

MobileHR: A 100% mobile app such as this one requires it to be extra cautious about security and the software lives up to the expectations thoroughly. It allows you to provide role-based accesses not only to your employees but also to third-party vendors. All of the access restrictions are decided by an administrator assigned from your organization so that the security of your database lies safely in your hands.


Evaluating new software for purchase does not end with identifying the features. You also need to consider whether it fits your budget. More importantly, the question you need to answer is, does this tool provide value for money? Let us see where the two tools stand in terms of pricing.

Rippling: With Rippling, you pay for each service separately. The starting price is listed as $7 per user per month. Every additional service you use is billed per month and employee accordingly. Installation takes about a couple of weeks.

MobileHR: The app comes at a flat rate of $75 per month, no matter how many employees your organization has. Moreover, at this transparent price, you could use all the features of the app. There is no extra cost or time required for installation, either. You only need to download the app from the App Store and start working on it.

Target Market

Rippling is a scalable and flexible tool that is suitable for small to medium businesses, typically with a headcount anywhere between 1 and 1000. However, as you begin to scale up and the headcount increases, so does your monthly bill. So, if you have 10 employees, you pay a lot less than what you would pay for 500 employees.

MobileHR is originally built keeping small businesses in mind. So, it is best suitable for you if the employee headcount of your company is between 10 and 100. Interestingly, though, the app could scale up swiftly if and when you expand your business and new employees join your organization. All you need to do is continue to add the new employees to the app. Yes, all of this can be done at the same flat monthly rate.

User Reviews

Let us now look at what other users have been saying about the Rippling HCM tool. Here is a list of key issues with the tool that many customers would love to see resolved.

1) Pricing: Users found hidden prices even after selecting all the services from the highest-priced package.

2) Feature Limitations: Most features were found to be basic and the add-ons were simply interfaces to external apps.

3) Payroll: Companies with a mix of different categories of employees found the payroll feature difficult to use.

4) User Interface: The interface was found to be outdated.

MobileHR, contrarily, offers a transparent pricing system and no hidden charges. All features are built right into the app and are native to the tool, although it supports third-party integrations as well. Payroll management is smooth as the app allows you to set different pay frequencies for different employee groups. Lastly, it is a fully mobile app built with state-of-the-art infrastructure that is ready-to-use on your smartphone.

Editorial Reviews

Now, let us dive into some of the worries technical experts had about Rippling. Here is a summary of all those features that should have been better, according to them.

1) Features: Basic HR tasks such as timekeeping cannot be done through this software. You need an external app for it.

2) Mobile app: The mobile app does not support benefits tracking, which is otherwise available on the tool when used through a browser.

3) Implementation: The software takes time to setup. As there are so few native features, a lot of time is consumed in the importing of large amounts of data.

MobileHR has an in-built sophisticated time and project management module. Also, the 100% mobile app supports all of its features, including benefits tracking. Implementation is a breeze as it does not require any separate setup. You simply have to download the app, add employees, and begin your HR journey.


Empowering your HR team could go a long way in ultimately making your employees happy. Grow your organization efficiently by automating the core HR tasks through a powerful yet user-friendly HCM tool. Rippling promises some good features and is beneficial for simple and small companies, but the lack of many important features and hidden costs could be hindrances to smooth HR functioning. On the other hand, MobileHR smartly offers its fully mobile app at a transparent and affordable price and scales up at no extra cost as you expand your business. Download the app to enjoy all of its in-built features that could make the life of your HR team a lot easier.