Of several ways in which you could efficiently grow your business, an important one is to manage your people effectively. People management is generally a task handled by the human resource (HR) department, which already has a lot on its plate. Thankfully, with the advent of advanced software, a lot of these tasks could be automated now. The key, however, lies in choosing the right tool that suits your business. To aid you in your decision, here is a Sage Business Cloud People Review and its side-by-side comparison with MobileHR, two of the leading tools in the human capital management (HCM) software category.


When investing in a new tool, the primary objective is to implement a software that is rich in the right features your business needs. Let us look at how Sage Business Cloud People and MobileHR fare against each other in terms of the main aspects of HCM.

All-In-One Solution

Sage Business Cloud People: Integrated HR management solutions are the need of the hour. Sage provides all employee data on a single platform for easy access. The data is dynamic and automated to reflect edits whenever there is a change in the workforce.

MobileHR: Not only is all employee data available on one platform, but MobileHR is also fully compatible with other apps on your phone such as messaging, email, camera, and so on. View any employee data from anywhere through the 100% mobile app. Get reminders from the app if you need to update any data manually.

Payroll Administration

Sage Business Cloud People: Sage People Payflow is a module within the software that seamlessly allows you to connect to one or more payroll systems. It also enables two-way communication between the software and in-house or third-party finance and accounting systems.

MobileHR: With this app, it enables payroll administration right from the convenience of your mobile phone. It not only lets you edit all compensation-related data on-the-go but also allows you to provide secure access to third-party payroll managers if needed.

Benefits Tracking

Sage Business Cloud People: The tool makes it easy to track employee benefits as it is integrated along with the payroll administration module. It connects the software with third-party benefits providers. Any changes on those providers ensure the Sage tool is automatically updated and the required changes sent to the payroll module.

MobileHR: Benefits tracking is simple for both compensation administrators and employees through this mobile app. It allows you to manage costs, employee preferences, and so on with a few taps on your cell phone. Employees and third-party insurance providers could log in using secure access and perform their activities directly on the app.

Performance Tracking

Sage Business Cloud People: Appraisal times could be hectic for the HR team when all data is processed manually. Thankfully, Sage brings you a Performance Management module that allows the 360-degree feedback process to take shape in your organization. Use this tool to tie up goals and expectations with feedback, either within or outside the appraisal cycle.

MobileHR: All discussions between the managers and the employees are stored in this app for viewing at a later date. This way, regardless of when the appraisal cycle is, managers could keep track of an employee’s performance, while an employee could refer to the guidance provided by the manager, all through this mobile app.

Time and Project Management

Sage Business Cloud People: Managing working hours of employees is a key aspect of task distribution. Sage has an automated time and attendance tracking feature that allows mechanical updates of the working hours of employees. Team-related bandwidth could be determined by referring to some of the built-in charts of the tool.

MobileHR: Project management is not just about filling timesheets. This is a view provided to the managers who need to understand which employees are available for what kind of projects. Intuitive and automated, this feature allows managers to directly send task distribution reports to project owners, clients, and payroll teams quickly through the mobile app.

Managing Vacations and Time Offs

Sage Business Cloud People: With the Time-Off Management feature, employees could use the tool to request their leaves and check their balances. Managers could approve leaves and manage team tasks based on the leave calendars.

MobileHR: MobileHR allows employees to request approvals for their paid leaves through a simple tap on the app. Managers could easily approve the requests while on the move. The calendars could be synchronized with the phone calendars for true visibility into a team’s availability if the manager is traveling on business. There is no need to go into the office to access the official calendar.


Sage Business Cloud People: The tool provides an online portal within the People management module called Employee Self-Serve. This is a vital feature using which employees could manage their profile information, their leaves, and access all key HR-related information about their roles.

MobileHR: This app not only provides employee self-service at no extra cost but also has the manager self-service option where managers could locate the data belonging to their team members and take charge of team availability, new hires, long vacations, and retirements, all by tapping a few buttons on their mobile device.

Secured Access

Sage Business Cloud People: With Sage’s tool, you could set permissions and profiles based on the role of the user. Every user is assigned only one profile to make sure there is complete security during data transmission. Permissions could vary and one user might be assigned to multiple permission sets if needed.

MobileHR: Every access on this mobile app is role-based, be it that of an HR personnel, a manager, an employee, or a third-party vendor. Role-based accesses could be set up by an administrator in your organization, making it a completely flexible tool. However, flexibility does not hinder security and secure data transmission is always active.

Reporting and Searches

Sage Business Cloud People: Reporting is a crucial task often carried out by the HR team to identify HR issues within the organization. With Sage’s customizable dashboards, your HR team could either pull out a need-based report directly from the tool or use scheduling features to keep the management updated about organizational functions.

MobileHR: In-built and fully customizable charts and graphs make visualizing workforce-related issues easy with this app. A value-added feature of this tool is that it provides a built-in company org chart, which you could use to directly send a report to a specific person by tapping on the relevant name. The app is always ready to send reports to senior management even when you are not in the office.


While being informed about the features of a tool is crucial to making a purchase decision, another big factor you must consider is the price of the tool. Sometimes all you need is value-for-money, as opposed to an expensive tool loaded with features you will not even use. So, how do these two tools stack up around pricing? Let us find out.

Sage Business Cloud People: Although the company does not provide pricing information directly, according to a third-party website, the software costs about $10 per employee per month. It means that your total budgeting has to be done based on the number of employees in your organization. The larger the company, the higher the cost.

MobileHR: In comparison, MobileHR is available at a flat rate of $75 per month, regardless of the number of employees This is, therefore, a more lucrative option whether you have an organization of 10 employees or 50. Further, there are no contracts or installations. Simply download the app from the App Store and get started.

Target Market

Your choice of an HCM tool could also depend on the size of your company and the market it serves. Sage Business Cloud People is designed with medium-sized companies in mind. Hence, you could benefit from it if the number of employees in your organization is between 200 and 5000. It is also suitable for multinational companies, where employee records keep pouring in from all geographies.

MobileHR, on the other hand, is specifically suited for smaller companies, with the number of employees between 10 and 100. However, because of its scalability, you could use it efficiently even for larger organizations. All you need to do is keep adding the new employees to the platform.

User Reviews

The true test of any new software lies in what users make of it. Here is a summary of the main challenges the users of Sage Business Cloud People want to see resolved.

1) User interface: The design seems to be outdated and it is not a user-friendly interface as per some users

2) Company size: Users of smaller companies found this tool difficult to use

3) Support: Customer support is not always up to the mark as the company is still growing

4) Lack of Features: Easy to use but should have had more features

These challenges could be easily resolved by the MobileHR app. An up-to-date mobile interface provides state-of-the-art navigation experience. It is focused on small companies with all the HCM features integrated into one platform.

Editorial Reviews

This summary of expert reviews of Sage Business Cloud People should aid you further in your purchase decision.

1) Implementation time: Setting up the software could take up a significant amount of time

2) Business size: The cost and the set-up time are not suitable for smaller organizations

3) Integration: Built on Salesforce, it has a chance of pushing aside non-Salesforce-based third-party software integration

MobileHR counters all of the above challenges because there is no implementation required. The app is completely mobile and readily available to download and use. At its flat pricing scheme, MobileHR is best suited for small companies. Seamless integration to third-party apps makes it a truly portable tool.

The Verdict

Purchasing any new software for your organization requires a lot of consideration. Among a plethora of options, you need to pick the tool that offers value-for-money. Looking at the features, the pricing, and the reviews of the two tools, it could be concluded that MobileHR offers more flexibility and is specifically suited for smaller organizations as compared to Sage Business Cloud People. If you are starting small, with a vision to expand in the future, this easy-to-use, completely mobile app could be your go-to solution to lessen the burden on your HR team. Check out the intro video and free trial via the home page for MobileHR.