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The MobileHR APP is designed to be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and setup rapidly. The videos below are designed to show potential customers what the MobileHR APP can do for you and how simple it is to set MobileHR up for your company’s business needs.

Full customer support is available as well.

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Get Started

Watch these videos for quick overviews of initial app setup.and introductions.

(Link) MobileHR - Easy, Affordable, HR Wherever You Are

(Link) Company Wizard

(Link) Employee Wizard

(Link) MobileHR Introduction

Videos By Clients

Informational videos made by our clients for their employees or others

(Link) How to Log Your Time for Backfield in Motion


Onboard and add your employee records, and manage the employee life-cycle. Configure and manage payroll, benefits, time & attendance, time off, jobs, performance of managers, and more.

(Link) Employee Module Overview

(Link) Employee Basic Information: Onboarding & Additional Details

(Link) Onboard Employees: Employee New Hire Page

(Link) Employee Demographics: Work Eligibility, Tax Information and Document/Photo Management

(Link) Employee Address and Phone Information

(Link) Employee Salary and Other Compensation and Performance Management

(Link) Manage Employee Jobs and Job History

(Link) Employee Status Page and Eligibility Information

(Link) Employee Relationship and Contact information

(Link) How to Terminate Employees and Severance Pay

Employee Self-Service

Allow employees to take care of many of their own human resources needs.

(Link) Employee Self-Service Overview

(Link) Employee Self-Service Quick Start Guide for Administrators

(Link) Employee Self-Service Quick Start Guide for Employees

(Link) Employee Address and Phone

(Link) Employee Education, Licensing, and Work History

(Link) Employee Relationships & Benefit Plan Participants

(Link) How to See Your Employee Benefits

(Link) Enter and Submit your Time and Attendance Records

(Link) Employee Vacation, Sick or Personal Days Requests

(Link) Employee Reports: Run Reports, Print, and Export Your Report Data

Manager Self-Service

Create managers, and direct reports in an org chart. Let managers approve employee time & attendance, as well as requests for vacation, sick, and personal days off. They can also administer performance reviews.

(Link) Manager Self-Service Overview: How to Manage Your Direct Reports

(Link) Manager Self-Service Quick Start Guide

(Link) Manager Time and Attendance Overview

(Link) Managing Employee Time and Attendance

(Link) Manager Reports: How to Run Reports, Print and Export Report Data

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance, Vacation, Sick, Personal Days and Leave of Absence

(Link) Time and Attendance Overview for Administrators

(Link) Time Tracking Guide for Administrators

(Link) Paid Time Off Plan Administration

(Link) Assign PTO Plan to Employee

(Link) Manage PTO Plans for Admin/Manager


Employee Benefits and Deductions

(Link) Benefits Module Overview

(Link) How to Set Up and Manage Employee Benefits


Payroll Management

(Link) Required Data and How to use the Employee Payroll Module

(Link) How to Setup and Manage Payroll Records

(Link) Payroll Information Management: How to Review and Close a Payroll


Creating and Using Reports

(Link) Reports Module Overview

(Link) Setting up Report Selections and Permissions to View Reports

(Link) How to Run, View, Print and Export a Report

(Link) How to Export Report Data as an Administrator