Human resource (HR) management is a key area of focus for any business to grow at a consistent pace. If your HR team handles all of its tasks manually, there could be errors and mismanagement, leading to dissatisfied employees. To counter this, several human capital management (HCM) tools are now available that allow the automation of most HR tasks. It could, however, be a difficult job to choose the right software for your company. To help with your decision, here is a detailed Zenefits review, which is a leading HCM tool and a side-by-side comparison with MobileHR, another promising new tool.


All HCM tools have some core features, but it is the value-additions that could make a particular solution right or wrong for you. Let us look at what these two tools have to offer in terms of common HR tasks.

Data In One Place

Zenefits: Managing employee data over various systems and files could be taxing for your HR team. To solve this, Zenefits ensures all of the data is consolidated on one platform. Whenever there is an update in any data, the tool automatically synchronizes the changes across all of the modules online.

MobileHR: With MobileHR, you could not only view all of the employee data on one platform but also synchronize the app with other mobile apps such as messaging, email, camera, and so on. This gives you the flexibility to view the data at any time, from anywhere. You could schedule the MobileHR app to send you reminders to make changes to the data as well.

Payroll Management

Zenefits: Payroll administration, if not automated, could take up a lot of the valuable HR time. With Zenefits, you could take care of multiple payments, direct deposits, and tax calculations. The tool also seamlessly integrates into third-party finance and accounting systems.

MobileHR: Set different groups and payment frequencies with the payroll module of this flexible app. If your payroll is managed by third-party companies, you could easily provide secure access to the vendors. All of this can be done on an app that is 100% mobile.

Benefits Tracking

Zenefits: Handling benefits on top of payroll and tax could be tricky. Zenefits brings a benefits module that offers open enrollment for employees through its mobile app or the portal. HR managers could upload the company’s benefits plans or work with Zenefits to integrate third-party solutions.

MobileHR: Processing benefits becomes easier with this mobile app as HR personnel could view all employee preferences, enrollments, costs, and so on over a single platform. The tool also allows you to provide secure access to third-party vendors who manage your company’s claims. Employees could check their enrollments on-the-go with this app.

Performance Management

Zenefits: In certain specific plans, Zenefits offers performance management options under its HR module. The feature enables goal management and the incorporation of a 360-degree feedback mechanism. Employees and managers could both access customizable templates for setting up one-on-one meetings to provide or receive feedback.

MobileHR: Everything that is discussed in a feedback session between a manager and an employee is fed into the app. Employees could log in anytime later to view the feedback and directions while managers could take a look at the performance of the entire team and reiterate feedback points on the app itself.

Time and Project Management

Zenefits: The Time & Scheduling module of the tool allows you to manage the employee work-hours on the portal. There is no need to enter hours manually on spreadsheets. Scheduling shifts and managing working hours for contractors and freelancers could be done on the portal itself. Employees could track their hours using the mobile app.

MobileHR: When you are growing as a company, managing timesheets alone is not enough. Thanks to MobileHR, you could assign specific tasks to available employees and manage their availability through the mobile app. Generate availability and task reports to send directly to the payroll staff or the clients through seamless connectivity.

Vacation Handling

Zenefits: The same Time & Scheduling module that helps is scheduling also works as a vacation manager. Use the PTO feature to automatically approve leaves through the app or the portal. Employees could request leaves on the tool and check their leave balances as well.

MobileHR: Handling vacations and time-offs have never been easier. As a manager, you could not only approve leave requests on this mobile app but also synchronize the leave calendar of your team with your phone’s calendar. So, the next time you travel, you could check your team’s availability for a task through a few taps on your mobile device. Employees could also easily request for leaves through the app while on the move.


Zenefits: Employees must be empowered with self-service options so that your HR team gets a chance to breathe. With Zenefits, employees could easily log in to the portal or the mobile app to manage leaves, attendance, appraisals, and benefits.

MobileHR: MobileHR provides both employee and manager self-service at no additional costs. Employees could view their compensation, leaves, and other information while managers could update team information such as new hires, retirements, long vacations, and so on, on the mobile app from anywhere.

Reporting and Searches

Zenefits: Pre-loaded graphs and charts allow your core HR team to identify workforce-related issues quickly. Generate reports anytime to understand compensation, headcount, stocks, turnover, and more. A dynamic org chart helps your HR team keep abreast of new hires and exits at all times.

MobileHR: With MobileHR, you could amp up your reporting tasks by choosing the built-in charts or designing charts from the custom templates. The cherry on top comes in the form of a built-in company org chart, which you could use to directly send reports by tapping on a person’s name. It simplifies the job of sharing reports from anywhere without having to send emails.

Secure Access

Zenefits: Zenefits ensures all login credentials are approved after a two-factor authentication. This way, improper handling or transmission of data could be avoided. The tool also generates audit logs for continuously monitoring possible threats.

MobileHR: At MobileHR, all authentications are role-based. An admin from your company gets to assign permissions to employees, managers, vendors, contractors, and so on, based on the requirements of their roles. Your data is thus completely under your organization’s control. The app is flexible to use but robust in terms of data security.


Now that you know what to look for in an HCM solution, let us talk about pricing. This is how the two tools compare around providing value for money.

Zenefits: The tool has three plans to choose from. The first one costs $8 per month per employee, but only has essential features and does not include compensation and performance management. The second plan is for $14 per month per employee and includes the omitted features in the first plan. The third and the most expensive plan is for $21 per employee per month and consists of everything in the first two plans plus a well-being module.

MobileHR: This app comes at a flat rate of $75 per month regardless of the number of employees. Whether you have 10 or 50 employees, you could avail of all the features at the same rate without any installations. Simply download the app from the App Store and it is ready for your use.

Target Market

Zenefits is suitable for all company sizes but mainly focuses on small and medium businesses. With their basic plan priced low, most companies with less than 5 employees are expected to benefit from using this tool. However, the catch is that they will not get access to all of the features. As your business grows, the growing number of employees would make you incur additional costs.

MobileHR is also focused on small companies, typically with the number of employees between 10 and 100. The plus point of this app is that even when your business grows, you could continue to add new employees at no extra cost. The flexibility and the scalability of the tool make it stand out.

User Reviews

To have a complete view of any new tool, it is important to hear from those who have tried and tested it. Here is a summary of all the things that users wish would improve in Zenefits. This could guide you before you decide to purchase.

1) Customer service: Some users have had disappointing experiences with an unresponsive customer service

2) Limited features: Time and attendance tracking was found to be basic and at times inaccurate

3) Benefits tracking: Erroneous benefits tracking and glitches in using third-party insurance are common

4) Integration: The connection between payroll and benefits is not as seamless as customers would like it to be

5) Scalability: Error-prone when used in companies that are growing in size

These disadvantages could be countered with the MobileHR app. Time and project management is an intuitive module in this system and all the modules seamlessly connect. Further, as your company grows, there is complete flexibility to scale up the app to automatically reflect the changes.

Editorial Reviews

Next is a summary of editorial reviews. Here is what experts who used Zenefits had to say about its shortcomings.

1) Add-ons: Payroll and performance management are both add-ons and are not a part of the core tool

2) Limited flexibility: The tool was found to be suitable only for companies with salaried employees. Any other pay group makes the tool difficult to use

3) User Interface: Navigating to the required information is often complicated and not user-friendly

MobileHR solves the above drawbacks by being a tool that has payroll and performance management included in the platform, along with all the other features. Its ability to create groups based on pay frequencies makes payroll administration simple. Its 100% mobile interface ensures easy access and navigation as it breaks down the data into several modules.


Managing a business is hard work. Add HR tasks to your activities and you could lose valuable time that is needed for your company’s growth. By choosing the right HCM tool, you give your HR team the freedom to manage the workforce more effectively. While Zenefits is a great tool for small businesses, as you expand, you would need better features at an affordable price. MobileHR provides you all of that at an added advantage of being installation-free and purely mobile. Download today and make your HR team more efficient.